5 Terrifying Kickstarter Video Game Campaigns

Greg Micek writes: "As much as I love Kickstarter, and crowdfunding in general, I have to admit that it can be pretty scary at times. Scams, incompetence, emotional breakdowns, and general sketchiness seem to be just as common as starry eyed developers full of dreams. Given that we typically cover the starry eyed angle here on Cliqist I figured that for Halloween it was time to change things up a bit. I give you… (queue spooky music) 5 Terrifying Kickstarter Games."

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Spenok2180d ago

Impossibly high expectations for Star Citizen? No... never lol. For the most successful crowd funded game of all time, I'm sure people's expectations are higher than just about any game. It does, however, look utterly fantastic. I have yet to fund it myself though. I will end up picking it up when it comes out at least. It looks too good to miss.

garyanderson2180d ago

I think it'll be better than the author fears, but I'm still pretty skeptical theyre gonna deliver on everything.

Spenok2180d ago

Yeah it would be pretty hard to do that all at once... unless they delay it a significant number of times. Or just don't talk about a release date until it's pretty much done. When that will be is anyone's guess though.