Every Mortal Kombat fatality in seven minutes

VG247: Every Mortal Kombat fatality in seven minutes.

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Domenikos4739d ago

Fassst... *upsss my keyboard*

MK_Red4739d ago

Classic MK games and their fatalities never get old. Mortal Kombat FTW!

juuken4739d ago

Maaaaan, those fatalities were nasty!
Lol, MK FTW.

lociefer4739d ago

sonya loves hairy balls

Silogon4739d ago

this video was nice for one reason. I've never been able to pull of any of these. I always wanted MK to be my series of choice but the number of buttons you have to hit to pull of the Fatalaties was just too much for these thumbs I guess.

Street fighter and Tekken, though. I can play me some serious games of those franchises. I have MK2 for the PSN and it's as if they don't give you any time at all to do them. They give you 2 seconds. What is that?

ChampIDC4739d ago

I always used the cheat for 1 button fatalities :)

Silogon4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

There was a cheat!!!!!!!!??!?!?! Noway!! Please tell me it's for the PSN version too.

MK_Red4739d ago

Silogon, only the UMK3 had this cheat. MK2 and others used different methods.

Also, come on. Not all fatalities are hard.

j4gs144739d ago

i think mk 2 did have cheats if i remeber correctly? :s well yea ur right fatalities wernt hard at those brutalities frm ultimate mk3, now that was a different story .

Brutality: HP, HP, BL, HK, HK, LK, HK, HP, HP, LP, HP

yeahh slightly tricky ay

ChampIDC4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Oh yeah, it was MK3 that had that cheat. I was mixing up my games. My bad XD

Also, brutalities are hilarious. Worth the effort.

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The story is too old to be commented.