Evolve: Big Alpha Gameplay Video Shows Severe Lag, Drops, And Almost Unplayable Issues

It is called Alpha for a reason, but as you can see in this gameplay video, it is pretty much unplayable due to numerous drops and severe lag. It will get better and looks great but talk about a tease.

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Mega241474d ago

This could easily be debunked as the person's PC having the issues. But seriously, it's an Alpha, not a demo, people need to get the differences by now.

Garethvk1474d ago

There is nothing wrong with this PC. I play all the games on it, and I ran Alien Isolation, COD; Ghosts, Borderlands The Presequel and three other games on it before and after with max setting and not one issue.

Mega241474d ago

It could easily be a driver not compatible. I had two exact Laptops, that ran WoW on ultra. One of them had issues with FPS drops and freezes while the other didn't. Who do you blame there, the game or the pc?

It was a driver update from nvidia, when Cataclysm release it had issues with it.

Still, it's an Alpha, issues are bound to happen.

urwifeminder1474d ago

Runs well on xb1 but the game is terrible run for 5 mins then fight thought it would be good being from these guys.

Yetter1474d ago

I certainly know where you're coming from but once I got in with a group of guys who had mics it became a lot more fun. The actually tracking element becomes much more enjoyable. That being said, there is a 'take a break' option where you let a bot take over so obviously they've identified that chasing a monster for 10 min straight on foot isn't always a ton of fun. I don't consider this a solution, I consider it a fundamental game design problem

Ashby_JC1474d ago

I myself enjoyed it more when matched up with Mic users.

One thing that I'm concerned about is how fast the monster is.

But I'm glad there is a alpha so they can make adjustments as needed.

Ot. How can someone make a article complaining about issues with a alpha build. It's clear as day that this doesn't represent the final game

Yetter1474d ago

@Ashby_JC Well I definitely know what you mean, there has been a few times where the monster just leaps away forever and is completely impossible to catch up with, but on the other hand, I played as the monster for two matches and absolutely got destroyed, I was desperately trying to run away and just couldn't manage it, seems to me its harder then it looks

Palitera1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Only if in the recent concept of "alphas", which means "early demo".

Please, I won't waste my last bubble to explain this, but for a couple of years this discussion comes and go.

Every "alpha" or "beta" (lol) released, less enlightened people always say the same thing: "it's an ALPHA, every little issue will be wiped on the final release, in less than 6 months". I think I've played 90% of the recent big game public demos, ops, I mean alphas and betas, and how many times did the final game really change much?

The last one was Destiny. People were posting:
"no, there are tons of areas undiscovered and paths that will be open"
"you have to wait to see the marvel that the itemization will be"
"see that dark fog which covers some doors? it will lead to completely different areas"
"of course it is repetitive, it is just a small piece of the game"
"wait until all areas are shown on earth"

Well... Turns out it was the final game we were playing. As usual.


So, no... This is Evolve.

Darkwatchman1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

The purpose of making playable Alphas and Betas is to test out servers and be able to adjust for server overload when the final game releases. Any number of other things could change, but fixing performance and glitches is the number one priority of these. Amount of content and blah blah blah are all secondary concerns. Do we want another terrible launch like Driveclub where the developers completely underestimated the server workload and it ended up being a broken mess? With this Alpha, they're able to take all that data and make sure the final release does not experience such dramatic issues. Destiny had extensive alpha and beta testing and never had any major server issues. It was never a debacle like other games have been in the past, so the alpha and beta for Destiny helped it.

nirwanda1474d ago

It's actually called big alpha its more likely a reference to alpha males given the context of the game.
It's a beta test basically for server testing and gameplay balancing.

slate911474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Gamers are so unbelievable lol. Its. An.Alpha. Hashtag it write it down. Use it in a sentence. For the love of everything that is good, please expect issues.#ItsAnAlpha

Edit: speaking mostly about comments

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