Reasons Why the PS4 Slim Will Prove To Be Another Blow to Microsoft

PS4Home: "Could Slimmer result in yet another Winner for Sony?"

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qwerty6761545d ago

it will be a blow to everyone who already rushed out and bought one not Microsoft.

Nitrowolf21545d ago

Not really? I don't expect a slim till the end of 2015 TBH, but even so as a buyer and owner of past gen, this should be expected at this point. People who are buying it now won't really be cheated out as it's basically the same console aside from cosmetic and a few tweaks, but saying it's a blow to those who rushed out and got it isn't true at all. It should be expected that a slim model will come out, and if they couldn't wait for it, so be it. It's like raging over a Iphone 6S after a year or so the original launch, despite every version before it following the same practice.

TomShoe1544d ago

Sony is already way ahead, I don't expect them to release a slim version before Microsoft does. Those who bought it first should feel cheated at all. Early adopters paid a premium to play the games first, while the rest of us had to wait.

Only people that should be mad are those that got stuck with the useless Kinect.

Magnes1544d ago

I'm a little salty that I just bought my xb1 last month for $400 now thy are $350 and thank goodness I didn't buy at $500 when they said Kinect would never be unbundled or I'd be salty and pepper.

Sitdown1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Why? I bought my Xbox one on launch day; As an earlier adopter I understand that consoles will get cheaper and come in better bundles. Concerning Kinect, didn't have it on the 360 do wanted to try it out this gen.

Griever1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

PS4 slim will arrive only when there are significant advancements in technology and they can reduce costs by shrinking the die size. They are not wanting for sales so they are probably in no hurry to launch another model. Sony has never shafted the fanbase by releasing a slimmer model too soon. They take several years to release slimmer models. The PS3 slim was the quickest release because they needed to recover from bad PR associated with the original PS3 model launch.

Volkama1544d ago

They need to work on quieter before they work on slimmer. The PS4 is a lot smaller than the One already, particularly when you consider the power block. But the price of that is quite a lot of noise.

MysticStrummer1544d ago

"The PS4 is a lot smaller than the One already, particularly when you consider the power block. But the price of that is quite a lot of noise."

Weird. I bought a PS4 yesterday and have noticed no noise other than when I first turn it on.

BABY-JEDI1544d ago

I kinda look @ my PS4 & think it's pretty slim already. Great design. If Sony bring out an even slimmer model. Well, I will be bedazzled

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lelo2play1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

It's likely that Microsoft will release a slim X1 way before Sony ... besides I don't think a slim PS4 is going to be much more slimmer then the actual PS4.

I predict Microsoft will release a slim X1 at E3 2015.

G20WLY1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

You're right, MS needs to do this WAY more than Sony. If they half the size of the Xbox, people could put a PS4 in the space they saved.

PS4 is beautifully petite right now. But I know Sony will do even better with a Slim, as they always do. I wouldn't expect it from either company anytime soon though.

Mastadope421544d ago

Dude... quit using my avatar. ._.

lelo2play1544d ago


Dude... quit using my avatar. ._.

I was here way before you.

Blasphemy1544d ago

why do you guys think that microsoft will be the first to release a slim console? usually when they make the console slimmer it is also cheaper for them to produce.

bleedsoe9mm1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

@Blasphemy sony would need to retool the manufacturing to do a slim model and there is no point when your selling almost every console you can make . its actually amazing sony has been able to manfacture 13.5 million this quickly . ms should have the stock in place to do a revision by next christmas and probably announced at E3 if not sooner . the xb1 is built like a tank because its meant to be on all the time , with no kinect in the box , they can scale some of the cooling back a bit , and save some money on the revision .

mark3214uk1544d ago

have you seen what the Japanese can do? you will be surprised when they do release a slim just how smaller it will be

hkgamer1544d ago

Its probably a lot easier for ms to release a slim since the original is a quite big and has plenty of space.

ColeMacGrath1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

After looking at the size of the Wii Mini, I wouldn't be surprised to see a PS4 slim at that size (With the same previous specs of course).

MysticStrummer1544d ago

I'm amazed at how small the PS4 is already. I still have my PS3 hooked up and sitting on the shelf next to PS4. PS4 looks smaller than PS2 was, unless my memory is bad. It has to be close though.

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donthate1544d ago

Traditionally a slim console boost sales minimally in the grand scheme, and for a very short time. Basically I highly doubt it would matter, and both MS and Sony produces their chips from the same manufacturers.

There are other companies ahead of them in the production line for the latest 20nm part, which would enable them to come out with a slim. I think that will be a while and they likely will both be out very close to each other in time frame although I think MS will be first, because their cost is probably higher due to the higher quality components on the casing and so on.

Sony made very low cost decisions this generation.

In fact, I think a new generation will be here sooner than we anticipate. Why?

Because the cycle seems to have accelerated. Higher initial adoption, lower price point, and more fierce competition.

Since 1080p native HD TVs are here to stay for the next decade, releasing a more powerful console with backwards compatibility again in 2-3 years at $400 is very tempting. By that time, inflation will ensure $400 is less than it is now!

Revengeance1544d ago

Why would it be a blow to early buyers? All this would be is the same console in a different form. It has no significant difference.

And there's no need for one anyway. It's already a "slim" console being sold at a reasonable price.

trenso11544d ago

like to all those people who bought an X1 for $500 with kinect just to have it removed not even a year later?

XanderZane1544d ago

I still use my Kinect. Was using it in Horizon 2. I also use it to exercise 3 times a week. So it's not useless for me. Will be getting D4 and Dance Central: Spot Light before the year is over. It was pretty useless on Day On though, but now there are games for it. Microsoft just game us Voice Commander for FREE which uses Kinect voice commands to control defensive ships on the screen. It's only useless for people who don't use it.

Tsar4ever011544d ago

dumb article,

people already talking about a smaller PS4 almost a full year after it's launch. I could see a smaller APU chip or transfer or change of certain parts for cost reductions. but this talk ALREADY about a smaller PS4 to me is just STUPID!!

Malacath1544d ago

It won't be a blow to anyone.
With Sony a slim model is a downgrade. Compare the original ps3 to the current slim one.

When ps3 first game out it was far better than the current model apart from HDD size.

Its gone from a machine with backwards compatibility and a front loader disc drive drive to a lower quality build with less USB ports and a slupid sliding lid disc drive which lets dust get on the lens especially if you forget to slide it shut.

The only people to lose out will be those who havent already bought the current model.

geddesmond1544d ago

I'm confused. Did Sony announce a slim version?? because it seems very unlikely that a console thats selling so well would go through a rebrand of the consol so soon.

I mean in the past slims released to boost sales when sales started to slow as you get people with older version that don't run great anymore buying again, you get the people that love gadgets smaller buying and you get people waiting for the cheaper versions of consoles before they buy which is what slims always offer because production costs get lower.

If Sony is releasing a slim next year then I don't know what the hell is going on over at Sony. As a business stand point this doesn't make sense.

AndrewLB1544d ago

Not really. PS3 Slim was released in order to cut costs in an attempt to at least break even on each console sold. But that didn't happen till mid 2010 after 50 million PS3's had been sold at a loss of up to $300 each. Ouch.

Don't you remember how the Slim PS3 removed all sorts of features like backward compatability and SACD support?

RedDevils1544d ago

The X1 still look like a turd

XanderZane1544d ago

XB1 looks like a cinder block and the PS4 looks like a giant Eraser. Both systems look terrible compared to last gen systems. The PS3 Slim & XBox 360 Slim blow these systems away in design. Thankfully, I didn't buy them for their looks, but for the great games they will play. Hopefully, when they do create the PS4 and XB1 Slim models, they look 10x's better they their launch systems.

Sandy_Claws1544d ago

Looks like a turd, huh. Much like your comments.

RedDevils1543d ago

PixeLust , your comment ain't better and both are turd just like the X1 design look worst than my old VCR in the basement lol

2cents1544d ago

I agree Quicktim.

This is another example of journalistic artistry that holds no responsibility for its intention.

Those words are designed for maximum effect. To pump the PS fans more and to goad the xbox fans more AND instigate another comments war among us.

Everyone who is arguing over this... STOP IT!!! You are proving everyone who is analysing us correct.

Jaqen_Hghar1544d ago

Everyone who buys a console should expect that console to get cheaper, slimmer, more stable, more functional, and have better games after they buy it unless they get it VERY late in its life. You lose time in exchange for the better deal. That's always been the tradeoff for every console and it's not a blow to anyone. They should have waited if they wanted the slim version or they can buy it, transfer over saves and such, and sell their 1st gen version like a man is planning to do as long as they don't take anything out.

assdan1544d ago

You're an idiot. I'm sorry, but it's true. Every person who buys a console within the first year knows that a slim version will come out.

XanderZane1544d ago

What if an XBox One Slim comes out before the PS4 Slim and M$ charges $300 for it? How will that effect the PS4? At this point, there's really no reason for Sony to release a PS4 Slim, as the system is selling great. The only rumors we are hearing is the a cheap AMD CPU will be put inside the PS4 and XB1, but everything else will stay the same. Because XB1 sales haven't been as high as the PS4, I could see M$ releasing an XB1 Slim long before Sony does it.

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Eonjay1545d ago

Except, there is no such thing as a PS4 Slim... and seriously, if it gets any slimmer it will be anorexic.

NukaCola1545d ago

lol, I know the thing is already half the size of the Xbone. It's a phenomenal design right out of the gate.

GribbleGrunger1545d ago

I agree. It would have to be a super slim because the PS4 seems to have leapfrogged it's first iteration and gone straight for slim.

nucky641544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

agreed, eonjay. I like the ps4 as it is now. I'm sure everyone has a preference, but I think it's the most stylish-looking console ever.

Starbucks_Fan1545d ago

Why are we talking about a slim already? That's ridiculous.

Spenok1544d ago

Yeah it's a bit early. Not to mention there's no way the technology has shrunk that much yet. Give it another 2 or so years people.

ColeMacGrath1544d ago

Is it more ridiculous than talking about PS5?

daBUSHwhaka1545d ago

I thought there was a new,sleeker,smaller,cheaper xbox one announce recently so don't see where the blow from Sony is coming from.

Foehammer1544d ago


It's the new processor, 20nm, that's smaller, cheaper, runs cooler, uses less power.

No idea what the "b;ow" is, MS just reported 102% increase in Xbox sales and huge profits, Sony just reported a $1.25 BILLION loss, so you tell me?

DanteVFenris6661544d ago

It's not hard to increase sales by that much when before you were doing nothing

MysticStrummer1544d ago

"don't see where the blow from Sony is coming from."

MS didn't see it either.

Hoffmann1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Yes..YES!.. seems to be a very reliable website, I will click on the link ..of course.