Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Everything You Need to Know

It’s another year, and that means another Call of Duty game is almost upon us. With just a few days to go before Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s release (some already have their mitts on it), PlayStation LifeStyle rounds up all the info you need in one convenient place with our “Everything You Need to Know” info dump.

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dbjj120881449d ago

Useful! Thanks, hopefully I won't get my ass handed to me at launch.

Axonometri1448d ago

Everything I need to know... Including, Why the hell do the Zombies sound like pterodactyls??

cellfluid1448d ago

Call of duty everything you need to know.. What about it being hacked already and it isn't even official out yet?? Same ol bs wack game.. I hope no one supports this.. Go to YouTube and check it out.. It's so sad [email protected] Activision aka lackthevision messed up a good franchise.. Maybe that's why gamestop is letting it go @ 9pm to evade the hacking news!!

SantistaUSA1448d ago

what are you talking about? don't like it don't buy it, there's tons of other games out there, you should try them out!

1448d ago
Lubu1448d ago

Will the MP include some kind of currency system? Like cod points, squad points etc? Or do you unlock attachments and perks by leveling up, and using the weapons?
I prefer to unlock via use. It gives me goals and keeps me playing.

MetroidFREAK211448d ago

Use and time played to unlock certain items. No currency system at all

IRON883 1448d ago

i have it pre ordered for the xbox one. Or should i get it for the ps4????

dragunrising1448d ago

Get it for Xbox One. The community will be much more vibrant and the Xbox One and PS4 versions will be pretty much on par. I have both systems and want the X1 version myself.

Matt6661448d ago

what ever you want to get it for there both amazing consoles at end of the day.

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