Halo 5 Screens from Halo 2: Anniversary Documentary

The Halo 2: Anniversary Documentary was released today and reddit user BourgDotOrg noticed a part that looks like they might be screenshots from Halo 5. It is also rumored that this soldier will be the main focus of Halo 5.

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christocolus2423d ago

Damn. Those screens look great. Is that the arbiter and locke?

True_Samurai2423d ago

No the arbiter wears that ancient armor. This is most likely ship master or someone else

Gamer7772423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

The screen with the elite might just be a shot form an arena stare down; there is a blue spartan team and red sangheili alien team.

OpieWinston2423d ago

If you watch the documentary Mike Colter is talking about Agent Locke at this point in time so this is probably a blur cinematic where Locke is looking for Thel.

Elit3Nick2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

I don't think Thel'Vadam wears the arbiter armor anymore, since it's a symbol of shame for the Covenant, which doesn't exist in its previous form after halo 3.

TekoIie2423d ago

Are they adding in some of the weapons that were cut out of Halo 4? I see the plasma rifle and old Battle rifle design.

otherZinc2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

I can't get enough of this! I'm going to watch it today. Can't wait for it to get go online so I can watch it on my Samsung Note when I'm on the road.

November 11th 2014 will be a great day!

qwerty6762423d ago

I watched the documentary, you actually saw some voice acting from these 2 characters

seems like agent locke hunts other Spartans and more then likely hes out to hunt master chief for going rouge or something.

JoeIsMad2423d ago

Halo is a great series, and I'm not sure how I feel about 343 changes to the series. Screenshots are beautiful though.

ic3fir32423d ago

343 have 80% of bungie original, look bungie game now "destiny" a mediocre game
Halo is in good hands

its_JEFF2423d ago

you're telling me that 80% of Bungie's original team is at 343?!?! Do you have link cause they didn't mention that on the Bungie Wiki. What I did read is that a majority of the Bungie guys who did leave went on to form their own studios.

I pulled this from the 343 wiki: "343 Industries was established, with a number of Bungie employees having transferred to the internal studio, namely Frank O'Connor and Chad Armstrong (still keeping the number of ex-Bungie employees under five). To expand the internal team, 343 Industries hired several of its employees from the Halo community, including Jeremy Patenaude and Jacob Benton of Ascendant Justice and Jessica Shea of Hawty McBloggy."

I feel like a mass exodus from Bungie over to 343 would have been pretty big news, did I miss that?

OOMagnum2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

*Jeff* He made that number up, but its a good number of Bungie employees and heavy hitters from everywhere. Enough for me to know this series will only get stronger. Like the american guy from MGS4 if my memory is right.

OpieWinston2423d ago

Well it's not 80%... 343i is made up of lots of Halo devs but also a fresh amount of world class devs from tons of studios.

And yes Bungie is more of a shell of what they once were.

All the Multiplayer designers from Halo 2 don't work their anymore.

Max Hoberman left bungie 9 months before Halo 3 launched which is where we saw a massive decline in the quality of the MP with Reach and Destiny.

Obviously it's not 80% but with Certain Affinity helping with lots of Halo map packs, you do still get lots of ex Halo devs helping out from that team. So it rounds up to a sizeable number of ex bungie employees.

Bungie is more like Rare, it's got a core about of people. But lots of new faces that are there because they grew up on their games (Fresh Blood). Not to say that all these new devs aren't bad but it means they've got a lot to live up to.

Jacktrauma2423d ago

Those are real nice indeed. Looking forward to this one

trywizardo2423d ago

damn agent locke sure do look awesome , and the details are great *_* i need this

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