PlayStation Experience: Here are The Studios Most Likely to Announce Brand New PS4 Exclusives

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment announced the first batch of studios and games which will be showcased at PlayStation Experience between December 6th and 7th, but the list leaves with questions, as there are quite a few of those studios that don’t have a recent game to show, indicating that they might be present at the event to introduce a brand new game.

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scark923554d ago

Then there is that third party exclusive which will probably be revealed! Would be nice to see a new IP or a revival of an old one!

chrismichaels043554d ago

This PlayStation event is gearing up to be a great way to end an incredible first year for the PS4.

guitarded773553d ago

I know it won't happen, but I'd love to see a new-gen SOCOM. That would be awesome. Or a new Warhawk or Fat Princess.

SmielmaN3553d ago

Siphon Filter reboot would be sweet. Or an exclusive rockstar game.

XanderZane3553d ago

I would definitely take a new Syphon Filter or Warhawk game for the PS4 and PSVita in a heart beat. I'm very curious as to what they will show for the PSVita as well. Enough with the Indie games. Give me some real new IP's and exclusive games for my handheld already. There are a couple games coming, so I'm not too mad. Tales of Heart and something else. Sony love to show off a lot of games, but can they deliver all this gaming goodness in 2015. I think 2014 was a subpar year for exclusives on the PS4. There were actually better Indie exclusives(timed) on the PS4 they full retail exclusives. Only Infamous ss and probably LBP will be the best 2014 exclusives for the PS4. Sony is up for the challenge of course, but let's hope they deliver this time. Microsoft will be showing off at least 28 new exclusives next year, so the competition isn't resting after a great 2014 year.

scark923553d ago

Oh if Sony do intend to make a new Warhawk game in the future! It would be fantastic!

buyakabuyaka61993553d ago

"Microsoft will be showing off at least 28 new exclusives"

You pulling this number from your ass?

metatronx3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

lol you lost me 28 exclusives. Oh wait, 28 exclusives for the next 10 years.

XanderZane3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

You can count those exclusives when Microsoft starts listing them at next years E3. They will probably start sooner then that knowing Microsoft. Remember, they showed off 16 exclusive this year. So 28 exclusives for 2015 isn't out of the question. We already know 5 of them already. Quantum Break, Tomb Raider, Fable Legends, Crackdown 3 & Halo 5. Stay in denial if you want. More exclusives and New IP's are coming for XB1 next year.

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Yaay4me3554d ago

What if the 3rd party is Shenmue!! (Not to give false hope to anyone, but i can dream) also, cant wait for Santa Monica Studios (: it should be EPIC

Spenok3552d ago

Lol that would be NUTS. Though I seriously doubt it, based on what he has said about the potential project in the past. Who knows though.

Yaay4me3552d ago

True /:
But it would be the stuff of gamer dreams for me (:

qwerty6763554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

loled at the tags.

it will probably be some niche game, nothing to big.

the big reveals are for e3.

@Abriael this isnt as big as e3 dont kid yourself, they'll show some stuff but nothing big.

i see the hype poison is getting to you guys, the reveals are never as grand leading up to it. after so many disappointments this year i would think you guys would realize this by now.

Abriael3554d ago

Of course mate. They make a big consumer event, massively advertised and celebrating 20 years of a platform and will keep the big reveals for 7 months after.

You got it :D

bleedsoe9mm3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

are you making the case for crash bandicoot reboot because it sure sounds like to me

@MasterCornholio unveiling a game from a 1st party dev is much more likely than a big 3rd party exclusive deal . the most likely is revealing a 3rd party game that is going to be multiplatform . JMO

JP13693554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Wasn't it Scott Rhodes that said they're going to reveal stuff that they probably shouldn't? The list of announced games is enough to make it an event much bigger than Quicktime seems to think. Uncharted 4, The Order and No Man's Sky are confirmed already, along with many more.

Fake edit: Sorry, his name is Quicktim3. How clever..

MasterCornholio3554d ago

That's what people said about their event in February and look what they unveiled.

The PS4!!!!

It doesn't have to be E3 for a big unveiling. Heck Uncharted 4 wasn't revealed at E3.

Relientk773554d ago

Can't wait til we see what gets announced at the event

Spikeantestor3554d ago

Isn't the Spike Awards thing also on the 7th? Gosh, so many reveals!