This Tumblr Blog Recreates Famous Video Game Covers Using Only ClipArt, and it’s Amazing

Remember all those times back in the day when you tried to jazz up your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents with ClipArt? Remember when the options you had were terrible?

My, how things have changed. Look at all the fun stuff people have been up to with ClipArt.

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waltyftm1449d ago

Pretty good, really laughed at KH2.

iceicelandic1449d ago

AMAZING!, It's not. Funny, nice and a good Idea.

Spenok1449d ago

Yeah I wouldn't say amazing. Funny yes, but not amazing.

Agent_00_Revan1449d ago

The 2 Pokemon games and Smash Bros are my favorite. They're all really great.

DoomeDx1449d ago

The comic sans though. D:

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