Dungeons, Giant Spiders and Baby Dragons In 30 Minutes of Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay

Check out all new gameplay from Dragon Age: Inquisition, showing off the stormy coast, dungeon crawling, giant spiders, and seemingly innocent baby dragons.

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Spenok1448d ago

Agreed, I can't wait for this title. Buying two copies so my girlfriend and I can play together.

trywizardo1448d ago

looks good , but the sword attacks feels simple , like basic attacks nothing special like kingdom of amalure . i hope they will fix that .
and the lighting is just freaking awesome , the lightning from that girl staff made purple light on the wall , every particle of it made a purple light on the wall , its freaking good :D

Drithe1448d ago

you have to pay 75 bucks for the game. At least on the consoles. This game is as good as dead until the price drop. Even then .......

Meltic1448d ago

just release it already

markyboy21811448d ago

new next gen cosoles .... same old last gen janky animations n sh**ty graphix

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