Dungeon of the Endless - Morbid Play Review

Whistler writes, "My crew stands in the elevator shaft, illuminated by the dim light of the core, our symbol of hope.
Rakya takes what could be the last draw of her seemingly endless cigarette; Hikensha the purple xeno warrior doesn’t budge an inch, no words are given, instead she takes a moment to glance at her worn blade. The red armour encased law enforcer Elise cocks her oversized machine gun, a cloud of moisture builds on the front end of her helmet. The long dark hallway that stands before them is littered with the dead, broken makeshift defences and is our ticket out, but we know the core took a beaten with the last wave of monstrosity’s scars still resonating on our spirits.
Sara Numas presses her hand on the core and lets out a sigh of realization, it’s go time; she grabs the core in her hands, the red haze descends and we make our mad dash to the exit."

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