Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Bullshots VS. In-game graphics comparison

In the very first teaser video for Assassin’s Creed: Unity Ubisoft showed off 18th Century France drenched in atmosphere with gorgeous reflections, sharp textures and painstaking details. Soon after screenshots began to see the light of day and they didn’t disappoint. How well do these bullshots that promoted the game hold up to the actual in-game graphics? Let’s find out.

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imt5581542d ago

Yep! Downgrade as usual @Ubisoft!

Makasu1542d ago

It's like its not even the same game :(

FITgamer1542d ago

Looks like they completely wiped out the textures. It's like a current/last gen comparison.

sizeofyou1542d ago

They're not even comparing the same place, time of day, situation, lighting, characters; apart from the close up and the ballroom. Don't know how anyone can really judge it. Maybe PC to console comparison but gameplay over pretty pretty graphics for me. Still look fine and still look head and shoulders over older generations of AC. I reserve judgement...

radler1542d ago

lol were you guys seriously expecting any different after Watch_Dogs?

Wait and see, The Division will have a massive visual downgrade too. Idiots will keep buying the games and supporting this deception, though.

UnHoly_One1542d ago

I'm one of those "idiots" that keep buying the games.... Because I am happy with the end result for my 60 bucks.

I don't care what they show me ahead of time, none of that matters at all in regards to me getting my money's worth.

I didn't buy Watch Dogs because I wanted it to look like the E3 2012 preview, I bought it because I thought it would be a good game. And I loved it.

I'm not buying AC Unity hoping it will look like these preview images, either. I'm buying it because I absolutely love Assassin's Creed and I'm sure I'll like the game.

If I felt like I got ripped off then I would quit buying those games, but it would never be because of a disparity between doctored screenshots and the real game. This is hardly a new practice anyway, it's been going on forever, and they aren't the only ones that do it.

d0x3601542d ago

Hmmm chances are any screen shots or videos outside of stage demos we saw at e3 are running on PC so there is that but non of these "comparison" shots are even from the same locations except maybe the ballroom but even that is a different angle.

I'm sure the game looks fine. If you don't want bull shots from publishers anymore boycott them. Organized boycotts work. Setup a group agree to not buy the game for at least a week under the premise of being anti bull shot and have at it. Of enough people hold off for just a single week it will send a message that's actually heard unlike whining on websites.

Vote with your wallet people. Its the only voice that matters.

u got owned1541d ago

O.o wow that's a big downgrade.

Raider691541d ago

Farcry 4 its the next!I dont understand how people still believe Ubisoft!

3-4-51541d ago

Honestly though.

That "Interior" screenshot is the most telling.

It literally looks like Super Max high settings vs low to medium settings.

ShinMaster1541d ago

Not as bad as Gears of War bullshots...

AndrewLB1541d ago

That's because they're comparing the PS4 version to the actual lead platform, PC. Every single multiplat game in the past year has been downgraded for these "next-gen" consoles. It happened last generation, and will do the same again this gen.

Griever1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Man Ubisoft have really gotten cheap and dirty. Constantly misrepresenting their games and in way lying to the gamers. Why are they doing this repeatedly? Dont they care about losing their goodwill and credibility? Bullshots should be renamed to Ubishots now since nobody does it better than them.

Magnes1541d ago

The real question is, what is the reason for the downgrade? I find it hard to believe they over shot what they expected console specs to be. Pc should have a scale to work with so thats not it, what is the real reason?

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dcj05241542d ago

How so? Have you seen the PC version on max?

trywizardo1542d ago

at the too PC idiots above ^ the downgrade is for all platform , maybe it'll better after modding but the last product will look like current gen consoles , maybe a little sharper that's all

DaBeatSpecialist1542d ago

Those screens are from the PS4 version my dude not PC!!

TheOpenWorlder1541d ago

You are a MORON if you think the PC won't be nerfed like WASH_DOGS

MarkusMcNugen1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

"at the too PC idiots above ^ the downgrade is for all platform , maybe it'll better after modding but the last product will look like current gen consoles , maybe a little sharper that's all"

lol. Yeah, because we all know Xbox One and PS4 are perfectly capable of high-end PC graphics...

The only idiot here is you.

It wont be nearly nerfed as bad as these screens are. I think that is clearly the point of the PC enthusiasts. They will have the best, closest to CGI like graphics compared to the consoles and their mediocre graphics.

ShottyGibs1541d ago

@ DaBeatSpecialist

PC will be massively downgraded too. Where have you been ?
Ubisoft think 30fps is cinematic too. Goodluck expecting anything mindblowing from these shills.

Seafort1541d ago


You mean like The Evil Within 30 fps cinematic on consoles whereas the PC version is 60 fps.

This cinematic crap is just an excuse by developers because the consoles aren't powerful enough to handle the graphics or AI in these games.

Even exclusive games on both platforms are going for the cinematic 30 fps like The Order 1886 and Sunset Overdrive.

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ShowGun9011542d ago

some of these aren't very good comparisons, due to different lighting (interior) or different areas completely (cobble stone street VS dirt street)... however, the close up of the girls face looks drastically different, to the point i'd believe its 2 different games... look at all the imperfections (ie details!) on the original VS the new, flawless version (much more simple). Also, there is no contest between her old and new hair.

boo, ubisoft. booooo.

shloobmm31542d ago

Doesn't look liek a downgrade to me, jus tlooks like horrible comparison pics or completely different areas. Hell the two pics that are remotely close are very similar.

MarkusMcNugen1541d ago

That's because these are really terrible comparison screenshots. Obviously the author got the screens and hastily threw together a crappy comparison shot article for some hits.

And it worked... look at all the people on here just eating this crap up...

Even if the graphics don't look CGI like, as bullshot screens entail, they will be next-gen.

AngelicIceDiamond1542d ago

(sigh) And this is a full current gen game as well.

To be expected now.

Now I fully expect The Division to get downgraded now. No "ifs" "ands" or....

Syntax-Error1541d ago

...BUTTS. Like big giant BUTTS. My anaconda don't want none if you don't got buns hun

life281542d ago

Obviously officiall screenshots are from PC version of course, how can you don´t know this, just look at different textures, hbao and so on. And you can´t judge because there is different lighting, different time of day and totally different place.

purpleblau1542d ago

no tesselation no glabal illumination, ultra texture gone.

Still have hopes for PC.

Feralkitsune1542d ago

It's Ubisoft, it will likely suck as a port.

AndrewLB1541d ago

Feralkitsune- PC was the lead development platform for Unity because they need to show off the best version as early as possible to get you console owners to fork over the cash in advance. :)

TheOpenWorlder1541d ago

They will downgrade PC like WASH_DOGS

Feralkitsune1541d ago

@andrewLB I'm a primarily PC player; I call major bullshit.

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Xsilver1542d ago

smh why y'all surprised Ubisoft told us in our face watch dogs wasn't downgraded after we had proof they stuck with their statement ubisoft don't give a F.

Dynasty20211542d ago

Due to console hardware, as usual.

No other logical explanation.

sweendog1542d ago

Can you explain pc watchdogs for me please

Yodagamer1542d ago

@sweebdog "parity" happened with the PC along with a good lack of optimization. The intentionally blocked PC users from accessing better graphic options.

benji1011541d ago

Actually there is a very logical explanation. These companies make Cgi material to promote their products. They then start making the game.

MarkusMcNugen1541d ago


Exactly. We've been through this for generations now. You would think people would have picked up on this back then.

Even if the PC version doesn't look as good, it will still end up looking the closer to the CGI than the consoles will. Which I believe is the prevailing point of the PC peeps on here.

extermin8or1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

@dynasty2021: can you explain the footage of watch dogs being played on ps4 by journalists etc in late october (a week or so before the delay) when game was clearly almost complete that looked great. Then the delay came and the changes to story were made and some gameplay stuff removed (like shooting whilst driving...) I think basically optimisation for the entire game and all platforms is expensive so they opt to save money and need every version which is why the unstable buggy higher graphics options often get left somewhere on disc... Also these comparisons are poor and as someone that's seen it at comic conceive in what seemed like it might just have been a copy of the final/near final game and it wasn't running on a pc but an xbone all that worse than what they've been showing

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Mehmeh1542d ago

I'm just curious, how can you judge that by a comparison that is so off when it comes to lighting, location etc?

Like Im not saying it's not downgraded, but I can only judge by the close up of the face, but other than that the rest is they way I see it, kinda not valid due to the different base material.(different locations/lighting/time of day etc)

TheStrokes1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Oooh the humanity!!!

Yep, definitely another bullsh.... downgrade. No doubt The Division will be the same.

Ubisoft are lying to gamers and the thing is...casual gamers and kids won't really care or notice, but people who love gaming and expect what's been shown are gonna feel shafted!

Second though. I know The Division is going to be JUST THE SAME.


P.s. I must have had a sheep moment expecting what was shown. Baaah!

MarkusMcNugen1541d ago

How many times have you seen this before? How many CGI trailers must we all watched at E3 before we realize, the games are not going to look the same...

Watch_Dogs was complete bullshit with it's blocked options, but these shots were clearly taken from CGI and not gameplay. They aren't the same thing.

BallsEye1541d ago

Looks worse, yes but still looks great. First gameplay trailer did seem like a too huge leap forward.

Muzikguy1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Because of what happened with Watch Dogs I was expecting this to happen. I'm not even going to bother with The Division because I'm 99.9999% sure that game will do the same. I'm not supporting this from devs like Ubisoft. Those new screens are disgusting IMO

It seems to me that these "always online" games are hit the hardest. Maybe we shouldn't focus only on the online?!

mzupeman1541d ago

They're not even comparing the same things in each of those shots... There likely is some downgrade, which is par for the course when a dev shows off a game vs what it actually looks like at release, but this isn't A/B comparisons we're seeing here.

Muzikguy1541d ago

This is more than just "some downgrade". I like seeing Ubi getting called out for this deception

mzupeman1541d ago

I'm not saying Ubisoft shouldn't be called out, nor am I defending a downgrade... but I'm saying that these bullshots compared to the actual in-screen game shots aren't the same, and are an unfair comparison. That's all I'm saying. Do the textures look bland, if not downright terrible? They do. Is there evidence that supports downgrade? There is... I'm just saying that we can't make fair COMPARISONS based on what was used here.

TheWackyMan1541d ago

Bullshots and ingame screenshots aren't "downgrades" it's false advertising and isn't new to this industry.

Meltic1541d ago

Ubisoft here we go again. Why support this propaganda.... ?

Meltic1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

that doesnt look as good as i thought…it doesnt even justify the system req O.o. Lies Lies Lies... no wonder why their games get pirated

Matt6661541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

all of you should stop caring about the graphics because there are more important things like gameplay, re-playability and story, yes there's a downgrade no one arguing with that but to keep going on about just makes it that the only thing you care about is graphics.

While you lot complain though I still going to buy it and enjoy the story and gameplay.

THC CELL1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

we all know deep down who to thank for this game downgrade

lets face it too, should of been on last gen consoles and wii

Smok911541d ago

How are people still surprised that consoles aren't equal to maxed settings on pc. You don't learn if you are surprised by this.

Ma1nframe1541d ago

Yup. I've said it 1000 times. Will never buy a ubisoft game because they are the kings of bullshotting, downgrading and outright lying to customers. F ubisoft I hope they go bankrupt!!

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Haru1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

So downgraded the game looks really bad it's not even the same anymore it's not what I expcted, but then again it's I should've expected this

Dudebro901542d ago

If you really are saying this game looks bad, you are talking out of your butt.

JeffGUNZ1542d ago

It's more of the false advertising Ubi does. Why not show the game like the way we will get it. They set the bar with these unreal pics and say "next gen" only and we get something that looks like it could run on PS3 and Xbox 360. I will hold my final reserve to actual game play video. Who knows if these shots are compressed or what build, so I will hold out till then. It's not looking good though lol.

badz1491542d ago

Epic used to do it A LOT last gen but this gen Ubisoft certainly has taken over the torch and ran away with it!

I don't think even high-end pc version will be anything near their bullshot and WD is proof enough.

Hercules1891542d ago

The problem is that a lot of times devs arent really sure what the final game will look like once they put in the whole game so they just guess what the game will look like, every company does this , even Naughty Dog does this. Would you expect to see at the bottom of the screen of the reveal trailer,maybe the final game can look like this. When they say inengine, thats what it is, a look at what this engine might be capable of.

extermin8or1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

@hercules Ummm no Naughty Dog doesn't do this let's not try and drag them into this crap. They announce most games with a realtime in engine cutscene esque video. They then show gameplay which ofc is never quite as good as the cutscene and uses lower res models etc but usually is not too far off the cutscenes although post uncharted 2 alot of the games story is done via real time cutscenes and less of the prerendered in engine cutscenes. They didn't downgrade uncharted 2, nor 3 changes were made to the last of us but the actual graphics were not downgraded. Wanna talk downgrades look at gta V original trailers and the last gen version... Yeah... Yet no one kicked up a fuss there...

cannon88001542d ago

Dudebro you need to gets your eyes checked. The game looks drastically different from what they showed us in the past. It's a fact.

Stick891542d ago

Oh look, more Ubishots!

Roccetarius1542d ago

Is anyone even surprised anymore? Downgrading should be in Ubisoft's specialties.