Tales of Hearts R lacks English dub

With Tales of Hearts R releasing in less than two weeks in North America and Europe, many Japanese OVA fans will be pleased to hear that the game lacks English dub as it retain its original Japanese voice overs.

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Snookies121452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

That's too bad, as much as I enjoy original voice over work included. It kinda sucks not to have the option for English if you want it. Sometimes English voices annoy me, sometimes the Japanese ones do... It's great to be able to switch to a more pleasing cast of characters should you wish it.

Regardless, I'll definitely show my support for the Tales series. These games haven't let me down yet, so they deserve a purchase from me whenever a new one comes along.

Qrphe1452d ago

These types of games are very niche as they are so most of who buy it are longtime fans, I'm sure the majority is ok with just subs if it just means getting the Game At a overseas.

Snookies121452d ago

Oh no doubt, I'd much rather have it subbed only if it meant the games could keep coming overseas. However, it is still a little unfortunate that there isn't at least an option for English dubs.

user55757081452d ago

very disappointing. I love that they localized it but I would have been more than happy to wait an extra month or two for them to create an english dub

shloobmm31452d ago

Im disappointed by this news. As a blind person i camt read the subtitles and it makes understanding the story extremely complicated. My dog hasn't quite mastered the japanese language but he said he is willing to give it a shot.

Apocalypze1452d ago

Wait.......................... ............what??

Blackleg-sanji1452d ago

Lmao bubble for funny cuz i was actually over jere thinking about what u said

jc485731452d ago

want option for English? Tell that to the consumers that don't buy into this kind of games. No support, then they cut this and cut that.

Spenok1451d ago

Yeah this is definitely sad news. Thought, getting the game at all is nice, and as you said. I shall show my support for the series. They have always been quality RPGs.

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TheCagyDies1452d ago

That's fine if that's what it takes to get these games localized.

Qrphe1452d ago

If getting a game localized means it won't be getting a fun I'm totally I'm with that

Fullmetalevolust1452d ago

That's what I said a few months ago when it was announced that only subs would be included.
The fact that we get to play these great games with the language barrier removed is amazing!
Japanese need to realize this and send more games over, i.e. Sega and Phantasy Star online 2.
Sure some translations such as SAO: Hollow fragment can be shoddy, but they're still accessible.

Dinoegg_961452d ago

Didn't they say this from the beginning???

I actually don't care if the game is dubbed or not, as long as the voices sounds good.

Darkwatchman1452d ago

I thought this was common knowledge of the game. I have known this for months

Summons751452d ago

Ouch, way to burn some of your sales...this coming from a huge Tales fan. Anyway this is for Vita only a very small niche group have it and will buy this anyway. When the inevitable Ps4 port comes it will have extra content and the typical english dub and original Japanese voice actors for that small group that actually cares.

Summons751452d ago

Try tell the truth?

I don't know what you mean. I've been a Vita owner since day one and I can admit that the Vita is a niche factory. No first party support proves it's failure and stores don't or hardly carry anything Vita related. It's got a few great niche titles but nothing that really sells the system. Why don't you try harder.

beakeroo11452d ago

Pretty sure we got two first party titles this week?

Spotie1452d ago

Geez, man. You're not a Vita fan. Not a Sony fan. Not a fan of the franchise. Are you even a fan of the genre?

What the hell are you doing here, besides trolling? How do you troll so obviously and yet retain your bubbles? What's your secret?

On topic: don't care. Paid mine off already. Doesn't hurt that I'm taking Japanese, either.

Th4Freak1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

First of all your last comment has nothing to do with the first one.

Besides if the PSV was a failure Sony would have discontinued it like they did with the PSP Go, as you said the PSV is a niche factory and the reason why so many Japanese games have been and are being localized is because we're buying them.

That said I don't give a thing if the Vita isn't selling like hot cakes, I don't work for Sony, as far as the games that I like are still being released i'm happy.

Again, try harder on your troll and hate attempt kiddo, perhaps one day you will make it.

Inception1452d ago

"Ouch, way to burn some of your sales, this coming from a huge Tales fan"

You must be in the minority. I knew a lot of 'huge Tales fan' (some are my close friend) and 99% of them prefer japanese dub over english dubs. They want to hear Miyuki Sawashiro, Nana Mizuki, Marina Inoue, Shizuka Ito, and other japanese voices over Troy Baker, Yuri Lowenthall, or other english VA when playing Tales games. That's why Namco made Symphonia Chronicles with dual dub so they can satisfy Tales fans who demands japanese dubs.

So i doubt the lack of english dubs will 'burn' Tales of Hearts R sales.

"When the inevitable Ps4 port comes it will have extra content"

Doubt it it will come to PS4. Namco had the chance to port Tales of Hearts for Wii, the highest selling console for last gen, but they didn't do it. I'm sure they just make a new Tales for PS4 rather than port Hearts R for PS4.

Aceman181452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I play all the Tales games in Japanese with subs I don't want to hear English dubs personally.

Playing Freedom Wars with Japanese voices and I love it.

rainslacker1452d ago

You're a huge tales fan and you didn't know that this wasn't going to have an engligh dub, which was reported on, and criticized about 6 months ago on this very site...where I believe you put down the vita in the article since I remember calling you out on it.

I'm with th4freak....try harder.

As far as a PS4 port, when that comes, I'll buy that too, because I actually am a huge tales fan, and I support the series that I am a huge fan of regardless of the language the voice actors speak. That's what huge fans do. Since you apparently have a Vita, and are a huge fan, not sure why you wouldn't just buy the game. it's only $30, which is darn good for a huge fan of the tales series with what is arguably a very good tales game.

tiffac0081452d ago

I don't think there will be a PS4 port since Baba never actually planned to localized the game to begin with, he just kinda did it for the fans. That's why there is no dubbing in the ToH:R. Its compatible with PSTV, so that's something.

Also, if a certain Tales game doesn't get localized, it will never will, just look at Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Destiny 2 (not Eternia). So as a Tales fan I'm supporting this along with Zesteria. I always find it sad, when they don't localize a main Tales title.

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