Throwdown Ep. 09 – “Video Game Warzone”

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"Our former home was STFUandPLAY which was founded by industry veteran Torrence Davis. The biggest podcast on that site was The Video Game Warzone which was originally on TheBitBag and which started by Torrence and Gerard Williams a.k.a. HipHopGamer. Since this is (technically) the 100th episode of the Throwdown podcast, we wanted to do something special and have these two guys on the show. For added fun, we also have one of the founders of The Throwdown, Michael Crawford a.k.a. Rikuson1.

This episode is called Video Game Warzone for two reasons. The most obvious is because we have the two men who started the now legendary podcast on the show. The second is that, like the Warzone, this show went off the rails. Originally, we were going to talk about the state of the industry but it devolved into us talking about Driveclub and how video game companies fail to deliver on their promises. Though this part wasn’t part of the plan and went off in several directions, it channeled the spirit of the old Warzones."

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rbailey1500d ago

This was by far one of the most entertaining episodes to date. I got respect for the opinions of everyone on the show. The Xbox one will indeed sell very well this holiday season and I expect that to make a difference in numbers heading into the new year.

SwiffEpics1500d ago

Great episode. Brain is the perfect representation of a satisfied gamer. PC ftw!

Romudeth1500d ago

You mean how he shitted on anything NOT PC? Yeah I guess that is the typical satisfied PC gamer lol