SteelSeries APEX Gaming Keyboard Review | The Game Scouts

Tin Salamunic: Switching keyboards is like getting a new car. There’s an adjustment period, and everything feels foreign for a while. Using SteelSeries’ APEX Gaming Keyboard for the first time reminded me of shifting from my old Sentra to a new Mustang. It’s bigger, it has more features than I can wrap my head around and it takes a few days before driving becomes second nature. Much like the Mustang, the APEX is a gorgeous monstrosity. Its intimidating size, measuring 2.05 (H) by 22.05 (W) by 8.66 (D) inches, exhibits a sense of grandeur and supremacy without sacrificing elegance. This is the kind of peripheral that completely dominates its surroundings with its colorful illumination zones and stylish design.

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