Halloween Special: Our Scariest Gaming Moments

Dealspwn writes: "I like to think that I don't scare easily, but videogames have put the lie to that many times over. I used to jump out of my skin when a Nazi followed me through Wolfenstein 3D's pixelated corridors, bushwhacking me out of nowhere with a horrific "mein leben!" My cat nearly caused me to soil my sofa when it leapt onto my lap during an all-night Doom 3 marathon while Quake's fiends and shamblers haunted my nightmares (yes, I was an id Software fanboy, what of it?!). Amnesia still terrorises me something fierce, and don't get me started on Condemned: Criminal Origins.

Seriously, there's little more chilling than returning to a dark corridor only to find that a fire axe is missing. The implications of which are utterly macabre."

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