2K talks about Paige, Sid, Adam Rose's Bunny and other members of the WWE 2K15 roster

In a Q&A on Twitter, 2K provides a new update on the release of Paige along with answering some questions on Sid, Adam Rose's Bunny and more.

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gangsta_red1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I was strictly an AJ Lee fan on the divas side but man...that Paige...something about her just stirs my goat.

Cra2yey31451d ago

They both need a crazy feud at mania.

ZombieGamerMan1451d ago

Sad that the roster is smaller but at least most of them are guys I will actually use.

xwilldemise1451d ago

Paige is bae <3

But wait, the bunny is going to be a playable character? O_O