Batman: Arkham Knight – 8 Essential Things It Must Fix From City

WC: Let’s face it – Rocksteady basically had us when they revealed that the Batmobile is in Arkham Knight, but as awesome as that will undoubtedly be, it won’t be enough to sustain the lengthy campaign alone. We’re hoping that Rocksteady tweak the formula from the last part of their trilogy to fix some of the issues that ruined Arkham City for some people.

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guyman1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

"Critics praised Arkham Asylum for its engaging, simple free-flowing combat that made you feel like you were the love child of Batman and Bruce Lee. Chaining together counter-attacks, punches and takedowns was deeply satisfying. It looked badass and felt badass."

"We just hope it remains to be fun throughout the game’s entire campaign and doesn’t become the chore it was in City"

you're an idiot if you praise asylum's combat then come to that conclusion for city's combat.

oIITSBIIo1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Someone didn't enjoy AC here and it's not me .
I disagree with the article AC was great the world was not empty and the combat and number of enemies was nice .
If I have any complain about the game it will be the bad port on PC other than that the game is impressive .
But for sure we want AK to deliver a new ideas , much rich content than AC/AA and to have a better NG+ mode .

Becuzisaid1448d ago

Only valid complaint is the empty open world. But since it was a converted prison colony it kind of makes sense there were no civilians. What a pointless list.

HaydenJameSmith1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Fixed ? More like improved... the only thing I can agree with is the ending point, the pacing, cause it did fall short in terms of coherency unlike Asylum which was an amazing batman game. It was much more ambitious but handling all those villains in an open world, playing as both catwoman (the problem with catwoman missions is they contributed very little to the overall story) and batman and keeping consistency would be very hard for any development team, perhaps they did have to many villains but as a batman fan it was great to takedown lots of villains from batmans rogue gallery. As for the world feeling empty it fits the premise of that part of the city being converted into a prison colony so it does make sense but I never felt that it was empty while I was playing (as explained by above Becuzisaid).

It was still a great batman game and I can still go back and play it a number of times... But yes it did lack more drive and placement in terms narrative when compared to Arkham Asylum. Was still 10 times better than Origins however, I am very glad Rocksteady has returned for the next and final installment in the series. Can't wait to play Arkham Knight...

jc485731448d ago

Just as long as the game isn't anything like Origins, then I'm fine.