Does Link Need a Companion in Future Zelda Games?

ZD: "For the most part Link walks the path of a loner in a vast majority of the Zelda series, and the few exceptions do little more than serve as a guide with only a few functions that actually effect gameplay such as Fi from Skyward Sword and Midna from Twilight Princess. With that in mind does Link actually need a companion, one who is more directly involved in helping Link progress through the dungeons?"

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DarkOcelet1451d ago

Hey listen , Hey listen ,Hey listen . Hey ,hey , hey :) . The most annoying but one of my favourite companions ever .

Metallox1451d ago

Trash compared to Midna, honestly.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1451d ago

Companions are a necessary part of Zelda because Link does not talk.

Navi to Fi have been used in the cut scenes to explain to us the narrative of the Zeldas.
The more STORY focused the Zelda- the more you can expect a traveling companion of some sort.

Even WW had the Elders/Sages.

NukaCola1451d ago

King of Red Lions was your companion in WW.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1449d ago

Thanks for the reminder-

I forgot.
I think that was on purpose because he, to me, was the most annoying Only because sometimes he would stop sailing to talk to me...

And I did not really like sailing or sailing time or changing Wind Direction in the GC version,
as much as some.