Top 5 Upcoming Games Of 2015

This year isn’t over, and we really haven’t even hit some of the busiest times of the year yet with game releases. Why should that stop us from taking a peak at what is to come in 2015? With a bevy of titles on the horizon, some even in the early part of the year, it is hard not to look forward in what’s to come. In 2015 we will see even more of a divide between the new generation of consoles and the previous; which means, we finally will get to see a load of games that truly utilize the power of the newest consoles on the market. While there will be more to come, lets catapult into the gaming abyss and see whats to come for next year.

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Jaqen_Hghar1499d ago

A man would agree with that list though narrowing it down to just 5 five obviously limits one's ability to please everyone when you have a year that is as loaded as 2015 is already (a man says already because Sony has made a habit of announcing and releasing the same year lately like with LBP3)

medman1499d ago

This man respects a man, but would greatly prefer a woman.