Should Future Zelda Titles Play With Time?

ZD: "Time travel has been featured in several Zelda titles. Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Skyward Sword spring to mind as the obvious examples of games which include time travel. Are future Zelda titles likely to feature more time travel? Should they?"

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NukaCola1450d ago

Since they are going for full open world this time around, I am hoping for a more METROID-like explorative game with weather and locations. More under water and secret areas. I think the whole game could exist in one world at one time and be great. I am not against time, it's just a theme Zelda has done more than a few times. I am exited to see a gameplay trailor from the dev team.

1450d ago
ChickeyCantor1449d ago

"More under water"

Are you hell spawn?

Metallox1450d ago

No, a clone of Twilight Princess should be enough for me. I mean, that's what I want, a more customizable and open Twilight Princess, gameplay-wise speaking.

PygmelionHunter1450d ago

Majora's Mask

Time-based formula perfected.

fitfox1450d ago

i fear if they start incorporating the time travel aspect too often in future installments It may come off as a crutch.

ChickeyCantor1449d ago

Dunno Skyward sword incorporated real-time time travel. If they keep it fresh like that, why not.

But I wouldn't mind seeing a dark world in contrast to the overworld we saw.

fitfox1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

That could be interesting, Personally I would like to see a zelda game that plays off of the Multiple universe or parallel dimensions angle. What if Toon link crossed paths skyward sword link or a completely new link? Zelda's cannon already contains a split timeline, Why not utilize it.?

TheGamez1001450d ago

It'd be cool if we can start as young/kid link then get to a point in the story where the game progesses to a few years later then become adult link

Snookies121450d ago

What's funny about his comment?

ChickeyCantor1449d ago


Because it disconnects you from the "growing" element as a player where you normally would focus on solving puzzles, acquiring new items and progress. "A few years later" is a narrative not an actual game mechanic.

In OOT it worked out fine because you had to switch between time periods to progress. jmguy100s idea really doesn't add any value.

1449d ago
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