PS4 Exclusives: Is ‘Greatness’ Just Flash Over Substance?

OnlySP: Sony's tag line for Playstation 4 has been “Greatness Awaits.” For many gamers, that greatness is something they are still awaiting.

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-Foxtrot1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Think inFAMOUS SS had this problem

They chose graphics over gameplay which is why everything else felt dumbed down from inFAMOUS 2

Less interesting characters
No development to them
Story is weak
Story is short
Not a lot of variations in powers
Not many variations in side missions
Not a memorable villain

PockyKing1546d ago

Felt the same way about Shadow Fall and Infamous. Both were a step back from their predecessors. Not bad games in their own right, but I was just disappointed with both of them story wise and gameplay wise.

Kingthrash3601546d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Generally what happens in the first year or two in a consoles life.
ALL consoles suffer this. Go back to Ps360 first and second year and compare to its last years...look at tlou and fh2. Its just how it is.
I enjoyed this gens early games tho...iss isn't a bad game by any stretch i enjoyed it n had a blast with the powers. I'm sure plenty liked ryse even though it got bad ratings.

I guess my point is we have this argument every gen. It happens every gen with every console. Dev need time to grasp the console...then we will see true next gen games....the halo5 and uncharted 4 games I'm sure will satisfy the next gen crave. Until then we have remakes of great games and sequels ......and 3rd party games to enjoy.

OOMagnum1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

*thrash* true but the only game on the one like this is ryse. Evrything else is gameplay first from dr3, ki, forza 5, horizon2,sunset,d4,titanfall,e tc...all about gameplay. I know most will hate but its true

PockyKing1545d ago

Kingthrash - So because it's a recurring trend I shouldn't be disappointed? That's not really logical considering how much these games were hyped up, but since it's the start of new console cycle it's ok? Uh, no, these developers are smart, they know how to make a good game as they previously had, but instead had to reach a deadline to make sure the PS4 had shiny new exclusives at the start.

badz1491545d ago

opinions aside, are we really gonna talk about "substance" not even a year after the new gen started? shouldn't this kind of judgement be reserved for after several years of contents?

if that's the case, the 360 has great "substance" in its 1st year but in the last 5 years, it's all about Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, CoD, rinse and repeat. where was substance in THAT? in contrast, the PS3's "substance" was poor the 1st year, but has seen exclusive after exclusive in the last 5 years!

my point is, the 1st year performance of any console is not an indicator for their performance for years to come.

radler1545d ago

Honestly, this applies to a lot of PS4 first party games this gen. Infamous, Killzone, DriveClub, The Order etc. are all graphically impressive games that completely suck in the gameplay department.

It's especially frustrating because if you look at Killzone for example, KZ2 and KZ3 were great games, but it seems that Sony's first party studios are suffering from some severe quality issues on PS4, and it's just turd after turd.

I'm not very hopeful of future releases outside of Uncharted 4 to be honest. I'd be excited about a new God of War if they didn't fire the talented team there (the guys who made God of War 3) and kept the b-team (the ones who put out that crappy God of War: Ascension game).

I honestly think Shuhei Yoshida has mismanaged Sony WorldWide studios and in their current state, aside from Naughty Dog their first party lineup is really weak.

Kingthrash3601545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

So the order sucks in gameplay?
How do you know this....I mean the other games you mentioned are your opinion but putting the order in there makes your comment really troll like. You've.... And no one else has never played 1886....we haven't even seen gow.
I agree kz wasn't a great single player game and mp was just OK....but I could say the same for halo4...does this make halo5 on your bad list????? the last gears sucked too so what your expectations on that? Tf...nobody plays the most hyped game in history was fun for a month tops. It had no veriaty no longevity. But no judgment for that from you. Quantum break plays in the same fashion as 1886...a 3rd person cover shooter with qte and bad that not on your list too......I can go on and on.
Smh why o why do you think you can see into the future? Man can you tell me next weeks lotto numbers so I can stop being broke?

radler1545d ago


Well first of all every preview has said the game isn't very good, and secondly you can tell just from watching gameplay footage as well. So sure, you could say all the previews were lying and that gameplay footage somehow isn't representative of gameplay, but you'd just come across as a fanboy troll in that case.

Kingthrash3601545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

So what did you think of quantum breaks gameplay?
They play the same way...but we are talking previews I've seen the gameplay...just like I seen ryse and titanfall and killzone and every other preview of a game to know previews mean nothing.

This my friend is why I love share play....I can demo complete games and I can make my own judgments and choose rather to buy or not.

Oh and don't get me wrong qb looks awesome and so does 1886 but I won't say how the gameplay will be. Gameplay can be broken by something as simple as a bad controller layout or hit detections. Something you gotta feel not see.

radler1545d ago

You're right. I'm sure all the previews were lying and that you're a much more credible source of information than the people who've actually played the game. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways :)

redwin1545d ago

Between linear 1080p and open world 900p, give me the ladder. I don't buy brands, I'm a gamer. I have ALL systems and I can make an informed desition and my previous statement indicates my choise of platform. But I will never put down my other systems, Sony is the must powerful, wii has the best 1st party games and ms has just changed the console forever with the new UI, is the best around, don't take my word for it just ask people that have both. A friend had a problem with her system and she called MS. They shipped her a new one, no fuzz. I like this gem so far, with all these systems out with these many games available in just one year (also including the indi) it's gonna be an exciting time, the next 5 years.

walkincarpet1545d ago

greatness awaiiiiiiiiiiitsss.

I knew X1 was the right choice despite the rocky start but I expected PS4 to have more up its sleeve. So far nothing but disappointments if you already played Last of Us on PS3. Other than Destiny the first great game looks to be Bloodborne and then you have to wait for Uncharted 4 for the next one. Meanwhile, X1 is piling up great games.

Future_20151545d ago

Killzone 2 multiplayer was awesome

kreate1545d ago

Well if it makes ppl happy.
Lets just say ps4 games are generic and the previews are the proof.

While x1 games are a revolutionary step forward.

Im ok w either or. I dont even have a ps4 or x1.

Last gen still rocks guys. Lets play old games from our backlog collection.

AngelicIceDiamond1545d ago

It isn't the matter of Sony's games having graphics over substance now. But rather that's what Sony will be doing for most of this gen.

As Sony being the leader in the new gen I certainly hope not. Sony doesn't need to get people thinking >graphics< >>>>>>>Ev erything else.

If that's the case then new adopters will see games as movie like rather than something deep and actually fun to play.

That's part of gaming but that's not what all gaming is about, clearly.

Kingthrash3601545d ago

So many fortune tellers today.

Imalwaysright1545d ago

Lol so many people with low standards.

@ Kingtrash This isn't about having next gen games, it's about having quality titles that do not disappoint. These consoles have X86 architecture and are easy to develop for. Figuring out the hardware isn't a problem like it was last gen with the cell. Even with the cell Evolution managed to produce one of the most fun racers I ever played in the PS3 1st year.

PockyKing imo is right. This is more a case of meeting deadlines than anything else. A problem that doesn't affect just Sony's 1st party. I lost count on how many 3rd party games have been delayed so far. The difference is that Sony feels obligated to deliver since it's their console.

remixx1161545d ago


I find it really wierd when people say "next year sony only has bloodeborne and uncharted and xbox has all the games blah blah blah". Its almost as if people don't know that sony is releasing more AAA titles next year plus more games in general than its competition.

Fanboys need to do their research instead of being blind.

MarkusMcNugen1545d ago

I honestly think Sony is playing into their strengths. We all know Sony has great devs that can deliver amazing content. It seems that graphics have taken the front seat however. In my opinion it's to capitalize on the graphical prowess of the PS4 over the Xbox One, but when graphics become the priority, gameplay takes a back seat.

Hopefully I am wrong, and Sonys first part devs deliver on some amazing games graphically, gameplay, and story wise.

boodi1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I am disappointed even with graphics in some way speaking of kz sf , it's been a departure from the grim gray of the series and it's neither revoloutionary at all

have just bought a boomerang for my son which wanted his own , i have had mine from my youngness , mine is rhough and worn and fly around and very high and draw very high large lines in the air .
my son wanted a coloured and flashy one .. it's wooden as mine and more beautiful to look from close
but mine still works better

and in the end is all about entertainment

Griever1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Man what is wrong with the people!? Give the PS4 a break; it is only the first year goddamnit! It has always been like that; pick up any generation and see what kind of games were released in the first year of release. Did everyone forget what happened last 2 gens? Xbox always has a few games until middle of the gen and then they dry up. On the other hand Playstation has history of three gens with great exclusives until the last months a gen. Just look at the PS3 and Xbox 360. I dont know why the console that tried to impose DRM, always online and prevention of reselling of games has suddenly become the poor victim and underdog! It was PS4 that focused on games gamer freedom that saved us from such a future. PS4 is the reason that we are able to return crappy games or share our games with friends. Now just because there havent been any 9+ scorers in the first year the PS4 has become a bad system. You people have such short memories. MS is just desperate to catch up with Sony and that is why they are giving all the free games, discounts and moneyhatting exclusives; it is not like they love you people! What does MS has coming in the next few years!? Can you people name a few games? PS4 on the other hand has numerous games including,

Order 1886
Santa Monica Game
Sony Bend Studio Game
Uncharted 4
Dragon Quest Heroes
Deep Down
Persona 5
God Eater 2
Fairy Fencer 2
Akiba's Trip
From the Children
Day Z
Diasgaea 5
Dragon Fin Soup
Dynasty Warriors 8
Everybody's Gone to Rapture
Guilty Gear XRD
Gran Turismo 7
Hotshots Golf
Hyperdimension Neptunia
No Man's Sky
Project Phoenix
Ratchet and Clank

God, there are so many I cant even name them all! Consoles are not bought on the first year releases. They are bought on the basis of all the games you will get to play over the whole generation! Almost 13.5 million people can see that and that is why people are buying the PS4. What good is the Xbone if I wont be playing any exclusives 3 years down the road?? Stop being so short-sighted!

andibandit1545d ago


so in other words..

1. History repeats itself so we shouldnt strive for better.
2. Give Sony a break.
3. X1 Wont have any exclusives 3 years down the road.

..Man what is wrong with you?.

Griever1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )


What is wrong with me is that I have been playing games for a long time and I am patient. I know how it has always happened and base my decisions on precedent. We have precedent that MS stop supporting their consoles after 3 years for two gens in a row. We also have precedent that Playstation consoles are home to great exclusives until the end of the gen for three gens in a row. We also have precedent that first years are ALWAYS full of mediocre or crappy games since the start of gaming industry! In rational or intelligent person would predict and expect the same things this gen too. Just be patient and let the first year pass. Remember, they used to say "PS3 has no games" last gen and then what happened by the time the gen ended?? Why do people need to set themselves up for embarrassment and crow-servings??

colonel1791545d ago

Killzone 2 is a masterpiece. It was going to be very hard to reach its greatness level. Killzone 3 could have done it, but they preferred to make it a COD wannabe.

I haven't played Shadow Fall, but from what I have played in short demos, it's a COD game with Killzone paint coat. I really didn't like it.

I wish they went back to Killzone 2 style.

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IWasHere1546d ago

I don't agree. In my opinion both SS and SF were better than KZ3 and iF2 which where disappointments for me.

Septic1545d ago

That's the thing. It's all about opinions. Each to their own and all that.

But my dad is stronger than your dad. #fact #rekt #nofilter

-Foxtrot1545d ago

Better then inFAMOUS 2........WHAAAA

SoapShoes1545d ago

IF2 was a disappointment to me story wise anyway.

SoapShoes1545d ago

I'm just saying after how great of an ending the first one had. It was a much better story. I think IF2 had better gameplay than the first but I liked the first better.

Gamer19821545d ago

I loved Infamous Second Son and got half way through first game before I got bored of it and disliked second game enough to completely not bother. So it is all about opinions.

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moegooner881545d ago

Infamous SS was great, best gameplay in the series no doubt.

TRD4L1fe1545d ago

thats why we have opinions

moegooner881545d ago

Exactly and I just happen to agree with the common opinion this time.

I_am_Batman1545d ago

Agreed. The gameplay was definately its most improved factor over the predecessors. On the other hand the story was the weakest of the series imo even though I liked the characters.

Overall Infamous SS was is a great game nonetheless.

breakpad1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

while the same problem goes for Xbone until now i think it is industry's standards to begin with flashy titles ...and i really hope not another GoW

FanboyKilla1545d ago

Lol sony fans. You can defend crap all you want, but be carefull you might step in it.

Im baaaaaaaack. What a mess sony got going on over there. You should be playing games, not getting played by games. Smh oh well. "xbox go to sunset overdrive."

pompous1545d ago

Or since they were launch titles they didn't have the full dev time due to dev kits changing throughout the process plus the time constraints they were on is the reason infamous and kilkzone or any of the launch games were the way they were.

Automatic791545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )


Your logic makes no sense just because its the first year or second year of games they should all be at a high level especially since we just had 8 and 9 years of last generational gaming. I have an Xbox One my friend feels I should go gaga for PS4 but right now if you look at both Xbox has offered better options at least to me. No knock on any PS4 gamers but why wait on greatness. So far RYSE(regardless of reviews)Provided a great Story and throwback gameplay to hack and slash fun games of yesteryear, Titanfall, both Forza titles are fantastic, Sunset Overdrive brings enjoyment, D4 and DeadRising 3 the same. Again no knock on any game for PS4 but right now you need more then The last of US to bring me in. Also, I hear people saying 2015 year of PS4 that's just blind faith let's play the games before declaring winner of 2015. In meantime gamers embrace all gaming systems and let's continue to support our pastime.

Note: I have gamer friend on both consoles and the conversation always ends up with next year PS4 this year Xbox.

Rodney251545d ago

See I can say the same people thought Ryse was medicore you thought it was grea . Me and my friends love inFamous I thought Killzone multiplayer was fun and Resogun was badass you are just being biased.

Rodney251545d ago

I'm must be missing these pile of great exlusives on the X1 I count two sunset overdrive and... Well one DR3 was alright and Horizon was cross gen correct me if I'm wron .

Automatic791544d ago


Not being biased. If you are a PS4 gamer I could see why it would be difficult for you to give Xbox One games a chance. As for me I have owned all systems, I have always preferred Xbox One games over PS4 reasons may be not be suited to all but to me they are for example multiplayer, shooters and a great online. I will own a PS4 at some point but at least to me so far they have not brought the games to the console that match the same results as they did with PS3 with last gen, for example Resistance made me purchase a PS3. Awesome game with great co-op play. We all have reasons to want to play our systems but right now I don't see a big enough reason to invest in PS4. Again no knock to nobody choice that is the beauty of gaming. I for one want to support gaming I want to see gaming till I become old and gray.

TRGMatt1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Err...the powers in SS are much more diverse than in inFamous 2.

Many people disliked the story...I'll grant them that...but the characters were strong if a bit underdeveloped. The same can be said of inFamous 2's characters, though. 2 of THEM had 2 games to develop in.

Idunno man...inFamous 2 is a better game, imo, but I guess I am one of the few who thought that Second Son was right in the same ballpark, even the same dugout. Still a great game if a slight step down from part 2.

Then again, I rarely agree with the larger gaming public anymore. Old age, I guess. The kids are taking over. :p

-Foxtrot1545d ago

I felt more attached to Cole, Zeke and Kessler in inFAMOUS and that was one game. Hell I even liked Trish despite not sticking around for long, mostly because she was connected to Cole.

The powers are not as diverse, most of them are the same but just a different animation to go with the new theme/power. There is only one/two unique moves to each power excluding your special attack.

Look at this

Not as much variation in Second Son...most of them are missing from what you see in that list.

Then you had the fact most of the missions revolved around you getting your moves everytime you got a new power...even ones you should already remember. Cole did it, don't see why Delsin can't. I mean can he really not remember how to shoot a projectile from his hand, it's the same way just a different power.

In my opinion despite it's pretty graphics, Second Son was a step back.

Scar-1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

What is with all the Second Son hate? I love the first infamous and it's probably the best in the series hands down because of the amazingly strong story and content, I felt both inFAMOUS 2 and inFAMOUS SS where lacking in that regard. Still that doesn't take away from the amazing advances both these titles made.

With that being said I honestly don't know how anyone can't see Second Son as the biggest improvement of the series, as much as I liked both previous titles I never played them half as much as I play SS. The gamplay is just perfect it's finally hit that sweet point I"ve always wanted.

In the pass inFAMOUS games I never really felt like a badass because the mechanics where so close to a basic tps. The powers and movement are just so fluid its a visual treat just to watch. How can you not enjoy that more then anything else? I love Second Son because its fun to play and I am a massive inFAMOUS fan. As a far as the story goes it's weaker than the first but the second is as well in that regard.

@-FoXtrot every power has a Karmic Streak expect for the last concrete. Every power has a two unique melee. As well a multitude of unique movements.

-Foxtrot1545d ago

I wouldn't say it's hate...I like the game, others do aswell but it's a step back for the series apart from the lovely graphics

That's it...

Nobody hates it...they just hate how it's went backwards and not forwards.

Now if they don't keep the graphics up and actually choose gameplay over it then people are going to say how it looks worse then the last game or just the same

They've backed themselves into a corner.

Spenok1545d ago

No variations in powers? Uh, Second Son had more powers than the other two combined...

-Foxtrot1545d ago

Variation in the movesets

Dynasty20211545d ago

Don't forget that SS had a laughably small map.

When you put biase towards consoles aside, the game is short, small and repetitive, with only one power worth using.

100% everything else is there to sell consoles - "pretty" graphics to suck you in. Cheap tricks that work on a dumb public.

Scar-1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

You sound like a misinformed troll. Every power is usefully, hell the most broken is video because of the invisibility, the one with highest damage is concrete, mobility and precision neon, Splash damage smoke.

As for map size the game was almost exactly the same size as the first title if not bigger.

RedstonerMC1545d ago

shadowfall wasn't amazing but i actually genuinely enjoyed infamous ss. That's just my opinion though :)

kingdom181545d ago

I agree with much of what you say, I still enjoyed the game immensely, but I can't really play it more than two times. It felt really rushed to me, the game itself only took about 3 in game days to complete, and the side mission were so boring, where are the good and evil karma side-missions, or simple missions where you help secondary characters. I think First Light fixed a lot of this, if we could combine the two sets of side missions, I think they would have been much more fun. Now with powers I think in First Light it was a lot better, even though Fetch's powers were more limited they felt like everything flowed much better and they advanced farther as well, but it would still have been better if we could have customized the power like in inFamous 2.

The only thing I disagree with is about Augustine, I thought she was a great villain but just suffered from the fact that the game is so darn short.

On a last note, if Sucker Punch ends up doing more DLC for SS with the other two main characters who's Delsin's power originated from, and they end up being the same thing as First Light, the game would have been perfect to me, adding all of the DLC to the main game, and then allow you to switch out as different characters.

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TheJacksonRGN1546d ago

For the exclusives that I've played. No they have been both, with the exception of Killzone: Shadow fall. They look great and more importantly were just as fun to play in my opinion.

Granted the best non remastered game I've played so far this year on the PS4, is Shadow of Mordor but the exclusives have been great. Except KZ. And no I haven't played Drivclub.

DigitalRaptor1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

People seem to forget that Sony always takes about 2 years to ramp things up for a generation to a level in which they don't slow down. It just seems certain salty people are confused why PS4 is so far ahead of the competition, which in all honesty speaks for itself, if you've been paying attention to the industry for the past 18 months or longer. Smart people/consumers/gamers consider their purchases for the long term, not just what they have to offer in the first year.

Considering the amount of effort (or lack thereof), Microsoft put into the X360 in its final big years on the market compared to Sony's focus on new experiences for PS3, I'm not surprised MS has had the ability to put more into their first-year lineup for the Xbone. It's still mostly third-party, timed-exclusive deals, but still… PS4 still has more first-party games, despite that.

These first year games are always scrutinised more than most. It seems they are developing their lineup quicker than most generations past. It's going to be harder for the mass media to write articles like this when PS4's 2015 lineup hits.

DLConspiracy1544d ago

I think what the author is/was saying really didn't have much to do with MS or Xbox at all. In fact they never bring it up. What they are saying is that there has been too much sensationalism behind the PS4 console and its promises.

The author feels the console has not matched the hype or the promise that they expected. If it takes 2 years to "ramp things up" then why buy one? The author seems disappointed in the servings it has offered and is finding it hard to chant good will from their point of view. With all the issues and games thus far.

Septic1546d ago

For all the noise made about it though and that tagline "greatness awaits", I am disappointed in the PS4. For the flack its competitor constantly receives, its doing rather well imo.

So far I would say yes, its all flash over substance. Next year, expect a whole different story. Greatness awaits and I'm still waiting but 2015 is Sony's year from what I've seen. Either way, we shall see my friends

PockyKing1546d ago

There's gonna be some hefty competition and as a owner of both consoles I'm really excited for that.

Septic1546d ago

Yup same here. I'm gonna need to take out a mortgage for these games at this rate.

StrawberryDiesel4201546d ago

It's all about Bloodborne and The Order in February. PS4 will shine come February.

KarmaV121546d ago

I'm still iffy on the order. It scares me that it may be one of those 8 hour games that looks incredible but the interest fades. Kind of like Ryse, it's a looker, not a player. Any word on the length of that game?

bloodybutcher1545d ago

In February it's all about the witcher 3 for me. CE preordered, bloodborne can wait, the order might be a ''wait till the price drops significantly'' game.

lemoncake1545d ago

I think we will be waiting until next year before the ps4 has a good shot of shining, bloodborn seems too niche and order while looking great those gameplay teasers just don't scream greatness more meh.

monkeyDzoro1546d ago

I thought it was a matter of taste... I guess I was wrong...

Septic1546d ago

Nah it is all a matter of taste mate. Like I said in my post, I mentioned MY disappointment. I know people who LOVE Knack, Ryse and Shadowfall. I think all those games are blegh.

Most people on N4G think I'm blegh lol. It's all opinion mate :)

bloodybutcher1545d ago

No,it's about calling people with different opinions ''stupid idiots lolz''.What are you, new to internet or something?

spacedelete1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

agreed. at this point i would be seriously considering selling my PS4 for an Xbox One but with the superior multiplatform games i have no choice but to keep it. i don't like owning more than one console from the same gen so whichever gets the best performing games gets my sale.

its kind of ironic i prefer the PS4 hardware but i would choose Halo over any PlayStation exclusive anyday and i like the constant updates and features as well as network reliability of Xbox One but the rest of MS's exclusives aren't anything special as well.

Yetter1545d ago

The 'superior' multiplatform games are marginally better at best, at least now. 8 months ago this may have been a valid argument but now it seems the differences are slightly less AA and one drops a few more frames from time to time. From everything you've said in your comment in really seems like you should own an XB1