PlayStation Exclusive Dragon Quest Heroes Gets Some Lovely and Colorful New Screenshots

If you’re eager to see more of the upcoming PS3/PS4 exclusive Dragon Quest Heroes, which will hit the Japanese shelves on February 26th, Square Enix released a few new screenshots,

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OUROSMAG1453d ago

The Dragon Quest branded PS4 sold like hotcakes.

killacal131453d ago

I want to know if it is going to release in the US, that's kind of important for me.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1452d ago

That's exactly what i'd like to know. I'm sure you and I aren't the only people wondering.

Fkhalf161452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I WANT THAT PS4 SO BADLY!!! I already have one but have decided to give it to my younger brothers as a gift for Xmas. Am planning to travel to Japan next year and cross fingers it will still be available but I have my doubts as Amazon Japan sales show.

3-4-51452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Still wish this was a regular ARPG and not a game where you swing the sword once and take out like 100 enemies.

SegaGamer1452d ago

I agree. I will enjoy this game i am sure of that, but i haven't played a great DQ games since Journey of the cursed king. That game was one of the best JRPG's i have ever played.

InTheZoneAC1453d ago

not a classic style DQ game, not interested...

killacal131453d ago

Well, if we support this game if it comes to the US or Europe, we might as well start getting the original type Dragon quest games, who knows, this might also be fun.

SegaGamer1452d ago

Or the opposite can happen and we get more Mosou style games.

killacal131452d ago

@ SegaGamer
Yes, that is also a possibility, but the way I see it is that any kind of advertisement of the franchise in this side of the world is good. I know Dragon Quest is well known, but it might need to be freshly put into people's mind.