Take my money, but keep your "free" games. And fix DriveClub

GameOnDaily's Asa W offers his thoughts on what should happen with PS Plus and Live.

"I want to pay more. Or lose the games. Split out the “Service” and the “free stuff” into 2 subscriptions. Whatever it takes to get the service side of the offering back up to a satisfactory standard. "

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Volkama1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Feels like they've both backed themselves into a corner a bit now. Spreading the subscription money too thinly, but there isn't really an easy way out without facing some severe backlash.

Sony probably could/should have released a bit of a belter this month even if only to draw attention away from DriveClub's on-going server problems.

Septic1447d ago

"Sony probably could/should have released a bit of a belter this month even if only to draw attention away from DriveClub's on-going server problems."

Yeah agreed. In fact, I thought that's what they would have done. The DC fiasco really is a complete mess but should Sony have to deal with Evo's incompetence here? Its a tricky situation to be in.

Also, its quite telling how, as soon as Plus became mandatory, the offerings just took a nosedive in quality compared to before. I mean, forget PS4 games, what about the PS3 ones?

Games with Gold is just another measure by MS to play catch up and whilst they could have capitalised on it with stronger offerings, they seem to be content with doing the minimum.

PS Plus still has Games with Gold beat hands down though but I agree, the latest offerings are a far cry from the kind of games we would normally expect.

Volkama1447d ago

Well Evolution are a first party studio, and Driveclub is Sony's game. So yeah, Sony pretty much should have to deal with it...

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mikeslemonade1446d ago

It's a racing game, meh. Learn to like other genres and maybe you won't be whining about the non-release of Driveclub.

donthate1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

I think you highlighted very much the difference in the services between Xbox Live Gold and PS+.

PS+ is a "free rental game service with online play on the side", whereas Xbox Live Gold is a "social online network with free (rental) games service on the side".

I put paren around rental, because on Xbox 360, the games are yours to keep, but on Xbox One, they follow the PS+ model.

Essentially they are similar services, but they focus on opposite end of the spectrum. MS spends their money on your overall experience, whereas Sony wants to sell you on value.

Ironically from a console stand point though, the Xbox One right now provides better value due to the promotions and quality free and bundled games.

"Games with Gold is just another measure by MS to play catch up and whilst they could have capitalised on it with stronger offerings, they seem to be content with doing the minimum."

I think MS is comfortable where they are with the games they offer.

PS, Septic the video you guys yelling over each other and too "excited" makes for a slightly stressful video to listen and watch. I cut it short.

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fei-hung1447d ago

You are right with Sony giving something good to make up for Driveclub, but I've worked in complaints for a few big companies. They never give anything to compensate until the problem is fixed. The reason for that is they may end up giving too much or too little.

Secondly, we found out this year that Sony and MS have to pay for the free ps+ games. With EA having released their own service and Sony having to pay to release free content on 3 devices, it can't be easy. Maybe they should consider dropping support on the ps3 and just focus on current gen.

Also, I think November and December will hold some surprises. I can see Knack being given away along with Killzone MP. I hope they give the Killzone Mp. Traded the game in but I miss the mp a lot.

IWentBrokeForGaming1447d ago

I know a lot of my non stuck up Xbox friends are pretty jealous of all the games I have for plus across my PS3 & PS4

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Yetter1447d ago

I feel like there is a bit of confusion around what you are actually paying for with PS+. It was sold originally as a discounted game service, soon after we started getting free games with the subscription. When they make it mandatory for online gaming you only assume that they would be using that subscription to improve their online services but if they aren't raising the actual price of PS+ then something has got to give, either the quality or quantity of the free/discounted games or the actual quality of the online infrastructure, am I wrong?

Brettman20081447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

The amount of money Sony gets from PS+ must be far in excess of what it costs for the PS+ game offerings. So, Sony 'should' be pumping a lot of money into online infrastructure. I do think there is no excuses for Sony now re online issues. In saying that, I think Sony has been a bit caught out by the huge PS4 sales putting a strain on its network. I also think Sony is in cost saving mode which is limiting their ability to invest appropriately.

DualWielding1447d ago

I don't care about online infrastructure I want my quality games back.... I think the best would be to split the services so people who want games can pay for games and people who want online can pay for online, it would screw those who want both but its the only way we are going to get our awesome PS+ game offerings back....

franwex1447d ago

Earlier this year I happily subscribed to both services. Now to non. I did not renew my subscriptions and have not looked back. They were such good services too-specially PSN. Oh well. If they get better again I will reconsider.

JimmyDM901447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

My guess is that during the next couple of years (in order to prevent spreading the subscription money so thin) XBOX and Sony will pare down the number of games they're offering to 360, vita and PS3 until they stop servicing last gen consoles all together.

Spenok1446d ago

That's not going to happen. Especially with Sony already committing to giving out 2 free games per console. They will continue this trend until they stop supporting the PS3, and either give more to the other two, or better for the other two. Though it will likely focus on PS4 when that happens.

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