He Had an Epic Uncharted Collection but Decided To QUIT and Sell Every Single Piece – Find Out Why

We made an interview with Timon Wong, who had a stunning Uncharted collection. Check it out, and find out why he had to sell every single piece!

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hiredhelp1447d ago

Man would loved that controller shame he had to sale.

tanukisuit1447d ago

Wow, some of these things I have never seen. This is truly an awesome collection.

EeJLP-1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

A bunch of rare, sure, but relatively useless items. Unless he really thought these items would be a good investment, it's not worth keeping it around. I keep the games and that's it. I can get use out of that, whenever I feel like playing them (I'd like to play through some 1080p/60 remasters on PS4 now). A bunch of Uncharted branded bags would just collect dust.

Live light, people. If you don't have a use for something, get rid of it, and quality > quantity.

extermin8or1447d ago

I sometimes pick up collectors editions for games I truly like the series for and I'd only ever sell those games if left with no choice but I buy them to use them. Take the new assassins creed I got a metal case edition with he art book etc because I have every assassins creed and still love the games I want the arkham knight metal case with batman statue and will preorder as soon as it's available here in the UK. Income batman related stuff and love the arkham games, don't have previous collectors editions however this one I want, I have uncharted 3 collectors edition and resistance 3 and the last of us Joel edition and will get whatever uncharted 4 special edition is bound to turn up however I draw the line.generally speaking at about 10-20 more than the actual game depending on what you get extra the exception would be for batman statue version but that should actually only be 20 more than the Base game and comes with art book and stuff too... I've never invested in a version that comes with a statue etc before. But collecting things for the sake of collecting them seems pointless to me especially if i had to sacrifice going out etc to get them and spend student loann on them :o