Does ‘The Evil Within’ Live Up To The Hype?

Survival horror enthusiasts have been counting down to the multi-platform release of “The Evil Within” ever since it was announced that “Resident Evil” producer Shinji Mikami was involved with the project. “The Last of Us” was the most recent game with survival horror aspects that managed to please audiences and critics on a wide scale, and many people were hopeful that “The Evil Within” would capitalize on this success by providing environments and enemies that were even more intense, while also featuring strong characters.

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Blackleg-sanji1448d ago

This game had hype to begin with? i remember it getting alot of hate at 1st

Jason_Plays_PC1448d ago

I enjoyed the game, its not a horror classic by any means and i wish there were less cheap deaths by traps ect.. But i liked the gore and its about a 7.5 for me.

Baka-akaB1448d ago

the game was definitively hype because of Mikami's name at first . Hell for a while people considered it the messiah of horror , before we had gameplay footage

jhoward5851448d ago

The Evil Within is good game considering that its the first installment of the franchise.

joab7771448d ago

It's an 8 for me but the last few reviews I've read mention so many absurd negative aspects. First, I loved the matches idea and not knowing whether to use them or not. I liked the pacing and the enemy artwork.

Other than a strage, convoluted story, I've had a hard time determining why I'm not enjoying it quite as much as I thought.

When I break it down, nothing stands out as being bad. I actually think u get too much stuff still. I would have loved an instant save and fewer drops, allowing me to replay instances until I perfected them. Like Bioshovk, I love doing that (hated the Infinite save system).

Now that I think about it, what would have made this better would have been more levels with central hubs and the ability to explore, and solve puzzles to move on. Bioshock is my favorite all time game, so anything more like it would have been better.

Maybe it's just the story, making it hard to truely get into it.

jhoward5851448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I agree, the Evil Within would have been a better game if it had more levels with central hubs and the ability to explore, and solve puzzles to move on.

Who knows, maybe the devs will add it in on the next the Evil Within game now that they have some of the pre production work already done. With that being said, they won't have to spend as much time on building things they already have such as character models, textures, animation sequences, etc.

LamerTamer1448d ago

The graphics were a disappointment. The game shipped unplayable on PS4 at least. It was a stuttery mess and the resolution was terribly blurry. The patch helped with the stutter and rez but for those with no internet the game looks like crap, don't bother.

koolaid2511448d ago

I have no lag or resolution problems it's fine to me I just got it yesterday!

LamerTamer1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Try it before patch, it is awful. After patch it is much better. Why couldn't they have put the finished version on the disc?

I forgot to add the issue with those annoying black bars put there to cut down resolution. The excuse is that it is "cinematic" but that is a lame excuse, we are already playing on widescreen TVs that in the standard format are cinematic aspect ratios to begin with!

On PC you can disable the bars now, but on console you can't due to performance issues. The game may be ok but the engine is a mess.

IWentBrokeForGaming1448d ago

I've had NO problems like stated above! To be honest the AI is a little clumsy at times but that's about my only gripe! I've actually been really impressed with a lot of the lighting in the PS4 version! I'm currently on chapter 6 I think and had it since launch... I'm finding the chapters to play out long & with all the dying that happens... I appreciate this game is lasting long because it provides a challenge! Im loving it

DanteVFenris6661448d ago

Yea same with me and im on chapter 6 also. My only problem is the AI, there just too slow. I kinda act like a coward in horror games but if I didn't want to stealth or kill everything I saw I could probably run past most enemies. Even the teleporting weird arm creature is still too slow. Speed it up, it'll be a bit harder but better in my opinion. I just have a hard time fearing a zombie that's taking a minute to walk to me. Otherwise I do think this game is a 8.5-9

ramza041448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Finally finished it a couple days ago. Loved every minute of it. Game has amazing atmosphere and creepy enemies/sounds, and I really enjoyed how the story unfolded all the way through. This game really took me back to the glory days of survival horror. Can't wait until the dlc!

Oh and I didn't experience any of this supposed game stuttering so I'm guessing the patch took care of this. Played on the ps4.

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