A Look at November's PlayStation Vita Releases

Here is a look at what games will be gracing both European and North American shores this November for the PlayStation Vita.

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TylerOlthoff1452d ago

There goes my wallet good thing I just got paid save the money! I need to have Tales of Hearts R in my life! :)))) Thanks for the post

Chaz30101452d ago

No problems :) For me it is the PlayStation TV, Tales of Hearts R and The Wolf Among Us!

Inception1452d ago

Wait, i thought Wolf Among Us for vita will release on december. But now it will release next month?! damn, now i need to see if i have more money to spend after getting Tales of Hearts R & PES 2015 >.<

bouzebbal1452d ago

Vita disappoints so much... i already played Tales of on DS. why isnt it an exclusive episode for Vita? damn...

theshonen88991452d ago

@abzdiine Unless you imported it or pirated it, you did not play Hearts on the DS.

insomnium21452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

6 minutes have passed and a comment like this (paraguay's) gets 2 disagrees? LOL!

People really are weird.

USMC_POLICE1452d ago

Still no good racing games or a GTA.

theshonen88991452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

No sh*t.

Kal-V31452d ago

So Need for Speed, Wipeout, Sonic All star, and F1 aren't good? I don't even like racing games and i thought Need for Speed on the Vita was good. Plus you have 2 WRC Rally games and 2 Moto GP games on Vita which also have been well received.

BeenThereDoneThat1452d ago

No Offense-to each his own...BUT...
coming from a CAR racing enthusiast, these games are mediocre AT BEST... I have all of them. Looks like we'll have to wait for GTVita to get a real racer...maybe someday.

USMC_POLICE1452d ago

@BeenThereDoneThat Thank you!! Wipeout was good but its not cars its ships, Need for speed is ok but they only did many did psp have? WRC is so unrealistic its a need for speed like rally game Moto GP I haven't tried but its bikes not cars. need some GT PS VIta or something similar.

CriticalHit1452d ago

I am extremely hyped for The Binding of Isaac! And Nidhogg should come out next week or maybe the week after as well!

USMC_POLICE1452d ago

And how is no one else demanding GTA san andreas stories?