Final Fantasy XV - Brand New Gameplay Walkthrough

Brand New Gameplay Walkthrough of Final Fantasy XV.

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richierich1545d ago

Im gald we have this new guy in charge of FF15 ever since it was announced there has been new info and footage more regularly compared to when Tetsuya Nomura was directing FF15

Metallox1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Yeah, Tabata has been more open and that's great. With Nomura we would need to wait every new TGS for a new footage, or a 1 minute tragic trailer at least.

Also, is the game going to run at 60FPS?

EDIT: Nevermind, it's running at 30, but the YouTube option shocked me a little bit. And this is actually the first straight footage without cuts we have seen from this game, it looks awesome overall.

Greyfoxdbz1545d ago

While that might seem like the case, you also have to consider that the game is closer to completion now so they DO have stuff to show. I'm just glad that the stuff they have to show is pretty amazing. I mean look at the scale of the world from this small video.

dasbeer881545d ago

Exactly how big will this world be? Is it greater than The Elders Scrolls II: Daggerfall?

elninels1545d ago

Asterisk. Procedurally generated.

Snookies121545d ago

To be fair with Nomura, they had to completely redo the game when switching it over to PS4/X1. They really didn't have much to show for a long time because of that.

Kumomeme1544d ago

tabata said itself that they take example from yoshi P's final fantasy xiv regular update
great they do it

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HeavenlySnipes1545d ago

Looks great

Nice too see the game really exists

Agent20091545d ago

Now this is the Final Fantasy I've been waiting for since FFX.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1545d ago

Wow those cars that were at the gas station looked a lot like FF8s cars. This looks so freaking amazing.

Eagle Eye1545d ago

That car looks alot better then the one I drove in FF8..damn I'm getting old lol.

MasterCornholio1545d ago

Remember the flying academy in FF7?

Those final fantasy's were the best ones in my opinion with 9 being my favorite.

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The story is too old to be commented.