#Resolutiongate? Pfft. Let's talk about 4k.

GameOnDaily's Asa offers his opinion about why 1080p is a thing of the past and why you should make the jump to 4K now.

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Volkama1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

4K does look nice, but PC gamers have other options like 144hz refresh as well that arguably make even more difference. Especially for FPS games.

Septic1475d ago

Its surprising just how big the jump from 1080p to 4K is.

And here, we peasants are arguing about HD stuff :/

From the charts in the article alone, the jump is bigger than CRT to HD!

1475d ago
Chris_GTR11475d ago

4k lol our shitty ass "next gen" consoles are struggling to do even 1080p.

uth111475d ago

4K is far too expensive and unnecessary

Septic1475d ago

Why do you think its unnecessary?

uth111475d ago

1080p still looks good, at the distance most people sit from their TVs, 4K offers no real benefit.

Also 4K content is rare, there's no 4K broadcasts.

Plus at around ~$2000 for a decent 4K TV, it's just not worth the price

LightofDarkness1475d ago

I can get a decent 4K monitor right now for around $450. It's about 28" in size too, which is enough to appreciate the difference at that kind of distance. $2000 dollars maybe for an overpriced television set, but appreciable 4k gaming can be had for far less for PC gamers.

DigitalHope1475d ago


4k offers no real benefit? I would argue that. I sell TVs, trust me it makes a difference.

Volkama1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Some British tech site tested the theory with a blind test of a 4K TV and 1080p TV, to see if people could identify the correct one from about 9foot away. Something like 48 out of 50 people could tell the difference.

Anecdotally, my wife can tell the difference and she really is half blind and half dopey.

Edit: The article I refer to

jeenyus1475d ago


You made me spill my coffee.
28" 4K is "enough"? That's like 1080p on a 10" screen being "enough". I tell you what it is, it's pointless. (on 28")

Unlike 3D, 4K is the next step and will be widely adopted.

LightofDarkness1475d ago


At the typical viewing distance between user and computer monitor (2ft-3ft)the 4k vs. 1080p difference is appreciable and still quite obvious. I can tell the difference, but I agree you would appreciate it more on a larger screen.

uth111475d ago

But even if you can see the difference in 4K, is it important enough for most people to shell out $2000 for? HD still looks good for many people

I'd say no.

People say 4K is inevitable in just a couple years time, I disagree. HD didn't get widely adopted until there were HD television broadcasts. There's no 4K broadcasts. Many people can't get fast enough internet to stream in 4K (720p is the best my internet can do).

It took twenty years or so for HD to be adapted. I don't think there will be any rush to go to 4K

LightofDarkness1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I don't know where you're getting $2000 from, as stated above, you can go 4k for as little as $450. A 40" Samsung 4k tv can be had for about $800. It seems your entire argument against 4k (why are you arguing against progress again?) is that it's $2000 and not worth it. Well, it's not $2000, it's only 40% as much. There's certainly value in that, especially if you're looking to future proof in the near term.

Plus, UHD adoption is going to happen MUCH quicker than HD adoption did. People have generally adapted to faster technology/device upgrade cycles, plus PC gamers and video professionals are flocking to 4k. Having a sizeable enough user base that can create and demand 4k content will see it being created and pushed aggressively upon the masses in short order. The consoles may not be 4k capable, but many other things will be by 2016-2018.

user56695101475d ago

Translation : its not worth it because my ps4 can't do it and I want to keep arguing how my ps4 is better than xbone since most of its exclusives are 900p. There is no difference in a resolution that's 4x 1080p but there is a great difference between 1080p vs 900p

UthUth11 always say bs to downplay pc gaming this isn't anything new

blackmagic1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

At the beginning of last gen there were still tube TVs in stores and most people still had a tube TVs at home. There were HDTVs at the time but we would call those sub-HD today and they were damn expensive, more than $2000 for even the off-brand models. Sorry but $2000 for a decent UHD TV is pretty good in my opinion.

The fact of the matter is that today's HD vs UHD is yesterday's SD vs HD but there is one very important distinction. Yesterday's consoles outperformed the typical household TVs of the time and many people upgraded their TVs specifically for games. Heck, some games on 360/PS3 even ran at 1920x1080 and many people upgraded their TV twice or even three times over the generation. Today is a different story though, anybody want to wager the chances of today's consoles running a game at 2160p when sometimes they can't even eek out [email protected] with medium settings.

uth111475d ago

I have no desire to upgrade my PC monitor to 4K either. My current one looks good and works fine, and I don't really feel like upgrading my GPU/CPU/HD/Mobo again, I just did it in Jan.

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Septic1475d ago

I haven't really seen a 4K display irl but my mates tell me the difference is big (I didn't write the article btw).

I do agree to an extent with you though; 4K is not going to be available for 99% of current-gen consoles so that's a big reason why I won't make the jump.

uth111475d ago

and there's this in the article

"Most TVs will take your 1080p console output and display a beautiful 4k image on the screen, with the tiny pixels providing a real (but arguably minor) improvement to the image quality. At a cost. Processing that image introduces an additional 30-50ms input latency over a good 1080p screen"

One of the big arguments for 60fps over 30fps is less input lag. Up to 17ms less. But if you add 30-50 to that for upscaling, you've lost the benefit.

turdburgler10801475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Here's a few good articles explaining why 4k isn't worth it.

danowat1475d ago

"1080p still looks good, at the distance most people sit from their TVs, 4K offers no real benefit."

900p "still looks good" (see Ryse and SSO), but it doesn't stop everyone blowing a gasket when a game isn't 1080p, and the differences between 900p and 1080p are almost indistinguishable in most circumstances.

jdiggitty1475d ago

The thing that gets me is that people cry about anything under 1080p but I guarantee you nearly all of them have never calibrated their tv's properly. What's the point of making that argument if you can't see the picture as intended anyway?

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Kurylo3d1475d ago

its very necessary for VR

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BeefCurtains1475d ago

Regardless of how we feel about it, it's here. Anyone been to a best buy lately? It was harder to find a 1080p TV than a 4k set. Whether we want it or not, it's getting pushed on us.

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Hoffmann1475d ago

4K won't be really relevant before 2020.

traumadisaster1475d ago

Relevant to you...I've been playing at 4k since the middle of last year.

Hoffmann1475d ago

And the other 99,99% of humanity which is not playing on a 4K screen really cares.

OculusRift1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )



MysticStrummer1475d ago

@trauma - I guess that makes you irrelevant. Most people won't have 4K displays in their living room for a looong time.

Spotie1475d ago

Relevant to most. Because, as many have said, it's far from being widely adopted. Lightofdarkness above quotes a $450 price tag for a 28" 4K monitor.

How is adoption gonna be high with prices like that for screens that small?

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imchuckbass1475d ago

1080p isn't really relevant do these weak systems either since they consistently fail to hit that resolution too.

Kurylo3d1475d ago

Its about to be very revelevant for VR 2015

BeefCurtains1475d ago

Have you been to best buy lately? 4k is practically all they sell now.

Hoffmann1475d ago

Nah, I am from Germany and in the "Media Markt" nearby they have like a handful models maybe

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NovusTerminus1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

4k looks amazing, but it's largely expensive, there no main stream support until single GPU set ups can start to run it.

I can do DSR on The Witcher 2, but that takes me to 45fps. with a single GTX780 (No OC)

EDIT: Just cranked LotF to max with 4k DSR on, and it was a very unstable 24fps, with a consistent studder to 8fps.

But full 4k is a ways off, we need stronger GPU's, cheaper 4k Monitors/TV's. It's nice to think about, but still about 3 or 4 years off, from easy to achieve/afford widespread support. and that is optimistic.

LightofDarkness1475d ago

If you SLI that 780 you'll make it to 4k comfortably, ~45FPS in most games at high details.

NovusTerminus1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Again, price needs to come down. I know I could hit 4k with another one.

But consider this, I spent $530 on my GPU, now they have gone down in price and I can get one for $350

That's $880, then I'd need a monitor for said display, which is $450 (Using your post) and a cooling system for my GPU's because SLI causes allot more heat.

4k will take off, but not for a while, will I have 4k in the next year or so? Most likely, cause I am good at saving money, and with income tax coming up, I might try it.

But at the same time, I am a tech guy who just got stable enough in life to get these things. But most people can't/won't spend that kind of money to just get 4k.

traumadisaster1475d ago

Turn off the options the don't make a difference anyway. Just because you can crank the options to ultra doesn't mean you can actually see the difference. I can turn off aa and others and lock vsync to 30 or unlock and get 40-50's and it is perfect.

MasterCornholio1475d ago

4k needs to be cheaper first before it can be mainstream.

Volkama1475d ago

Not just cheaper, but better established. It is not easy to get 4K content at the moment, so that makes it pretty hard for most people to justify paying the extra even if they can afford to.

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