Retro Review - Silent Hill

Wes from Controller Crusade writes "You wake up in your crashed jeep with an obnoxious headache on the side of the road. Instinctively you look over to the passenger side of where your daughter had been moments ago and find her missing; you notice the car door opened, as if she had lead herself out. You quickly stumble out and begin your search, only to find your surroundings unnaturally covered in a thick fog, with snow strangely falling out of season; as you venture forward you make out houses, sidewalks and trees. It’s a town. You remark how unnaturally quiet it is, then continue on, lead by what appears to be your daughter wandering ahead in the distance. She leads you to an alley where you find blood and entrails strewn all over the place; things unnaturally get dark; you light a match and continue further into this apparent labyrinth of conjoined alleys."

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Robochobo1500d ago

One of the greatest Survival Horror games ever made. Possibly one of the greatest games ever made in general really. I personally think Silent Hill 2 is the best out of the series, but of course it's only an opinion and others think differently.

Shame how the series has gone downhill since then, but at least I can still play the first 4 on PC and be ignore the rest!

sirultimos1500d ago

I agree, 2 was definitely the height of the series. The latest ones have been awful with the sole exception of Shattered Memories for the Wii which was actually really good!

jgilbert111500d ago

Silent Hill 2 was definitely my favorite as well

Kyosuke_Sanada1500d ago

I still play this game today when I need inspiration in writing and art direction or just to find solace in my alone time. Few games achieve such a feat to almost be dubbed "a nightmare simulator" due to its dream-like visuals and unrivaled soundtrack. The very small cast also added to the feeling of dread and isolation when roaming this city of the damned.

This is one of 4 games I have very strong attachment to.......