Destiny Xur: Agent of Nine Location And Items Announced For Week 8 (October 31)

GP:"This is the successful eighth of our beloved MMO Destiny, and as customary here we are with brand new details of Xur the Agent of Nine. This special vendor of exotic items appears only at weekends from 9:00 am every Friday and leaves at 9:00 am every Sunday."

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martinezjesus19931452d ago

Dammit I really want Patience and Time but I only have 18 strange coins!!

I guess I have to level up my Hunter, currently level 10, to level 26 so I could do the weekly again. That could take all day tomorrow, but I also want to play the Evolve alpha. Decisions, decisions.

DirtyMagician1452d ago

I'm sure weapons only cost 17 strange coins.

AKS1452d ago

Curious you're getting disagrees when Patience and Time does actually cost 17 coins. Primary exotics do cost more, though.

martinezjesus19931452d ago

I was reading a link that said 23, thats why, thanks for the clarification though, saved me alot of time.

DirtyMagician1452d ago

Yeah I had a look and saw some that cost 23, I never noticed before. I did wonder why when I bought Suros that I had less coins than I thought I did.

Freeball1452d ago

Primary weapons cost 23 coins, special weapons cost 17.

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Stogz1452d ago

By the picture, it's 17 for Patience and Time. Although I'd wait if I was you, I found it during a Strike, and it's only average. If you can get your hands on IceBreaker, that's the Sniper Rifle to beat!

kneon1452d ago

I'll probably buy it just to break it down for parts.

TRD4L1fe1452d ago

Icebreaker is an awesome sniper rifle, but P&T is far from average. That sniper rifle is simple amazing in both PvP and PvE, I use P&T over icebreaker all the time. The stability that P&T has makes it a much better rifle than icebreaker in my opinion.

Lawboy21452d ago

Nothing beats the raid sniper I'm has max stability out of the box

theDivision1452d ago

It's really good for the arc burn

GiggMan1452d ago

I agree with LawBoy. Praedyth Revenge (raid sniper rifle) takes care of all my sniping needs. It's like shooting a scout rifle, it's so smooth.

Didn't buy ice breaker and I'm probably not going to buy this. Oh well guess I'll buy another sparrow upgrade.

martinezjesus19931452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I saw a link that said 23, thats awesome if it is only 17 then! And the only thing is that I have a fire damage leyendary leveled up completely, the only one I need now is the Arc damage, I've heard that Ice breaker is amazing though. Thanks btw

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Seriously I got the patience and time from a nightfall and it is not average. Sniper has literally no recoil/extra ammo/invisibility when zoomed in/radar still active. Gun is a beast against captains/harpies arc shields. Everyone should have a patience in time aswell as the icebreaker and the raid void sniper. If you don't buy the patience and time for 17 strange coins you're absolutely crazy and going to regret it. Don't listen to these icebreaker fanboys. Patience and time has its place. 2 shots to kill a nightfall captain with p/t vs like 4 to 6 with the icebreaker. As I'm typing this does anybody know if there is an exotic sniper rifle with void damage ?

xActionBasturdx1452d ago


I'm with you on that. My sniper of choice is definitely Praedyth's Revenge. I pick that over Icebreaker and Patience and Time

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AKS1452d ago


Then you're in luck. You have enough. Special and heavy weapons cost 17 coins. It's primaries that cost more.

martinezjesus19931452d ago

It said 23 in one link i was reading, if so thats awesome, thanks.

TAURUS-5551452d ago

i only visit this agent nine to get ascendant shards out of the exotic armors

only 1 exotic armor at the time..really bungie ?...

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Stogz1452d ago

Looks like a pretty weak selection this week. Mostly recycled items along with Patience and Time which isn't all that fantastic, ah well, saving coins for next week I guess!

GameSpawn1452d ago

Isn't Xur's inventory randomly selected each week?

There is only a small chance of really great items showing up for purchase (Ice Breaker probably being one of the best in the past few weeks). You really need to play the Vault of Glass over and over and over again to increase your odds of getting awesome equipment. You can also play Tiger strikes, but the Tiger list has a MUCH lower chance of legendaries and exotics compared to the Raids (well, Raid for now).

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891452d ago

Night falls are the best for exotics. I've gotten the last word, patience and time, gjhallahorn, third eye helmet for hunter, hunter guantlets.

starrman19851452d ago

Its one of the best arc snipers though, handy for nightfall! Looks awesome too, I am going to be a bit bias as it's the first exotic I got in Destiny!

AKS1452d ago

It's the second arc damage sniper rifle I bought this week (bought the Epitaph not knowing P&T would be available a few days later), and I'm still very excited about getting it. It's really nice for PvP. I've been killed by it more than once, and I plan to return some favors soon.

TRD4L1fe1452d ago

Without a doubt one of the best sniper rifles in the game, The high stability on P&T make headshots too easy. I love this gun and now that mine is maxed out i have no reason to use any other sniper rifle.

ShowGun9011452d ago

now that i got hard light, i really need an exotic secondary! P&T looks awesome, im about to say goodbye to some coins!

So, with the active camo, will enemies not target you then? i figure its probably pretty handy in the crucible too!

CorndogBurglar1452d ago

I love Hard Light. With the two stability upgrades it maxes nearly maxes out stability and makes it so much better.

Dropdeadll1452d ago

The red glare still shows when invisible

GrandpaSnake1452d ago

i like both guns they both serve their purpose, i like the ice breaker a bit more.

AKS1452d ago

Icebreaker for PvE and Patience and Time for PvP. Ammo in high level missions is much more of an issue for PvE, whereas being able to cloak is much more helpful against other human players (AI isn't that tough to fool, meaning cloaking isn't as important for PvE, but people are).

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