Sony Expects to Sell “a Lot” of PS4 During the Holidays; 3rd Quarter Will be “The Time of Reckoning”

During the financial earning call for Japanese investors and Analysts Sony’s Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida talked about the outlook for PS4 sales during the holiday season while responding to a question by Ace Economic Research Institute Analyst Hideki Yasuda (who is pretty much known as Japan’s Michael Pachter due to his strong focus on games).

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Ballsack1452d ago

Sony are not playing the holiday season smart at all...

To counter microsoft they should drop the price for two months, regardless if they make a loss on each unit sold which Im sure they wouldn't

Microsoft are being very aggressive sony seem to be just twidling their thumbs letting microsoft undercut them,aggressive marketing plus the halo collection..

Sony needs some new brains in charge (someone like phil spencer) because their holiday strategy makes no sense whatsoever

madmonkey011452d ago

i would be surprised if the xbox one beats the ps4 this holiday, despite the push ms is given it. I think the momentum the ps4 has had so far will see people wanting to get as, its what most of the friends are likely to have at this stage.

the halo collection is a nice move though granted.

HaveSumNuts1452d ago

MS are basically throwing a free game and cutting the price of Xbox One's by $50 thats a $110 saving. If Sony doesn't cut the price and sales for the XB1 don't top PS4 for the holidays, there is absolutely nothing else MS can do to win. They gave away Fifa 15 and Titanfall free with a XB1 and still couldn't top the PS4 in those months. If these holiday bundles cant beat PS4 it's over.

zeal0us1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


A goal like beating the PS4 is good and all but the primary thing for MS is to pick up more sales for the XB1 and make a profit. If MS manage to make a profit this holiday season regardless of not outselling the PS4 they will still be in the game.

ManiacMansion1452d ago

@ Havesomenuts...

If ms wont beat Sony than it will be over for what? The xbox division behind one of the richest companys on the world? Or what do you mean?

You sound really strange.

uptownsoul1452d ago


Microsoft are being very aggressive? The price drop is in the USA ONLY…Which means there will still be more PS4's sold worldwide through November and December. And don't forget that the PS4 is way out ahead of its yearly projection that Sony can monitor the situation and react accordingly.

And as far as Phil Spencer, I hope this price drop works out better than the last one they announced on May 11th (that didn't take effect till early June)…He pretty much sabotaged Xbox One's May sales.

G20WLY1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Sony are only now managing to produce enough consoles to meet demand. If they were to offer an even greater incentive to grab one right now, they would be back to demand outstripping supply. Outside of the PR aspect, that would be bad news.

Their position is VERY good right now. There's no way going into the holiday period that PS4 sales are going to drop off. Historically, that usually happens in late Jan/Feb - which just so happens to be when the next tranche of huge exclusive hitters lands...

Sony's game is right on the money and they couldn't have hoped for better prospects with PS4.

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mhunterjr1452d ago

You do know Sony is in this to make money? They don't have to win every NDP month to do so. Their console is selling well despite having, so far, arguably the weakest exclusive line up of the big 3, and aligning themselves with 2 of 2014s biggest multiplat disappointments (watchdogs and destiny).

Right now they are operating very effeciently, trouncing the competiton while spending less money marketing and have higher margins. The holidays are going to boost their sales anyway, why sacrifice their margins for two months? The reward would be fleeting.

Ballsack1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

So you saying sony wouldn't make money by cutting the price for two months?

They wouldn't make money on exclusives sold on those discounted ps4? Or the subscription fees over the years on playstation plus? Or money on accessories over the years?

@mhunter ...i look at the BIGGER picture not just the here and now

And this is battle,its a duel,its two companies fighting for our when one company is pulling out all the stops the other company needs to isn't doing this...getting comfortable is scary because before you know it your on the back foot

BitbyDeath1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Well they are around 8-9 million ahead right now and have an upcoming conference in December which MS has no counter too.

Between that and having better looking and better playing better 3rd party titles and exclusives like LBP3 and possibly Planetside 2 among others should be enough to keep the numbers up high.

Ballsack1452d ago


Again comfortable

I keep hearing sony are 7-8 mill ahead...maybe so ,does that mean they shouldnt counter microsoft?

Im talking about completely winning this Holiday.. Because next year sony has its strongest line up of games throughout the year,and next holiday uncharted will maximize sales,but this holiday regardless of its a remake halo plus a price cut is microsoft being very aggressive an sony need to nullify that

BitbyDeath1452d ago

I agree they are looking casually confident, maybe they know something we don't?

MasterCornholio1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


"i look at the BIGGER picture not just the here and now"

That reminds me of this very famous quote from Sony.

"Sony on PS4: "the format war is a marathon, not a sprint""

I'm pretty sure Sony is studying how the PS4 would do in the long term not just the short term.

Yaay4me1452d ago

My problem with what you said:"weakest exclusive lineup"
That is soo not true. Why just regurgitate what you've heard and instead look at the list of games?? PS4 has something like an additional 50 (i dont recall the exact number) games! Why do people keep saying something that is so clearly wrong?? Not only does sony have more games but they have more games in every category (before anyone inevitably tries to claim that they have less AAA, which is also wrong) go count them please.

Furthermore, they also have more games coming. And yes, in every category.

andibandit1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

"weakest exclusive lineup"

does not necessarily refer to the amount of games...We are on the doorstep to November, the BIGGEST month of gaming releases.

Im getting LBP3, but i must admit if I had a X1, i would hop on SSOD and MCC without a flinch.
In the lineup of games arriving for the holidays, I must admit MS lineup is really strong.

Thankfully theres a strong lineup of multiplats to hold me over until Februrary

I dont get why people always go to the "This list is bigger than your list"? that standard the PC's make consoles look like slim pickings.

mhunterjr1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )


I said ARGUABLY the weakest exclusive line up, SO FAR. They may have MORE exclusives, but many of them aren't actually the reasons people are buying the console. When you hold Infamous, Killzone, and DriveClub up against KI, TitanFall, FH2 , Sunset Overdrive, Mario Kart 8, And Bayonetta 2, it's hard to say That what Sony's delivered in terms of big exclusives is better than what you can get on other consoles. Of course, I said arguably because some might place more weight on the indie exclusives, which is where Sony has dominated thus far.

I also mentioned that Sony's future line up looks promising. But I don't think many people will look at Sony's first party so far and say they've produced the strogest titles to date.

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mhunterjr1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

No you aren't looking at the bigger picture. You are looking at a two month window and assuming that 'winning' it is more important than it really is.

the holidays will bring a Sony sales boost, naturally. There are a lot of people who are willing to pay pull price for ps4 AND subscribe to ps+ AND buy games. When people are tripping over themselves to buy your product, you shut up and take their money.To throw profit away just for the sake of saying "hey, we sold more consoles this month too!' ... Especially when the rest of your company is struggling financially, is silly.

When your product is in high demand, you don't lower the price. For any ground Sony loses this holiday, they'll probably make it back with their 2015 releases. There's no sense throwing money away.

Going blow for blow in a pricing battle would only serve to devalue their product. Making consumers expect lower prices. That would hurt their long term prospects. No one wants to start a race to the bottom.

mcstorm1452d ago

Your spot on with what you are saying. If something is selling well you don't tend to change anything until sales start to did.

I do see Microsoft catching the PS4 up in terms of sales in the UK and US over the next few years because of the Xbox brand name in the two countries and also what I am seeing and hearing from what people are saying who have yet to move to next gen.

I'm not 100% sure if they will out sell the ps4 in the UK and USA but the two will be close. As for the rest of the World Sony don't really need to do too much as they are Sony through and through.

I do hope Sony don't make the same mistake they did with the ps3 though and expect the brand name alone to sell well as it did not do well for them last time plus I want to see Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all doing well but all pushing each other too as having 3 consoles doing well is better than just one for us customers and also the industry.

SkippyPaccino1452d ago

Yes and no. I believe this is a full time price cut for the Xbox one and are using scare tactics to get people to buy it now rather then later. They might not throw in a game after January 3rd but I can't see the Xbox one go back up in price regardless of how much they sell.

I do believe Sony could afford to throw in value on top of the 400$ box (free year of p+, a free game and maybe even a bigger hard-drive) only time will tell, but I wouldn't sit quietly while Microsoft pulls out all the stops. Losing one month NPD sales, might not seem like much, but the entire gaming media will take that story and run with it. They will make it sound like Sony lost everything and it won't be able to recover. Lol

Ballsack1452d ago


I see what your saying

But i still stand by sony need to counteract... Because as it stands they seem comfortable,and a comfortable sony is never good..they did a microsoft with the reveal of the ps3 acting over confident and kinda disrespectful.

I just hope sony win the holidays even though Im considering getting a xbox or maybe a wii u to compliment my ps4, because the memories of major nelson and greenburg gloating over npd sales was the most irritating aspect of last gen,they were tasteless

They have no class

Majin-vegeta1452d ago

Why the hell would Sony cut the price o something that is selling so well??Obviosuly you have no idea how a business is ran.

SOny has the GTA V bundles believe it or not that will move units.

PS4isKing_821452d ago

Except those gta bundles have only been announced for Europe and Japan if memory serves. So far I've heard no news of a north american version of the gta5 bundle.

Not sure how a foreign bundle would help sales in America.

MRMagoo1231452d ago

They have the GTA bundle advertised in Australia as well I just saw it the other day, If Australia is getting it everyone is getting it.

hkgamer1452d ago

its hard for a company that is losing money to just drop prices like that. they have to think about their shareholders.

i know in the long run it be a good decision, but short term maybe its not that smart. its the second half of the financial year and sony really needs as much profits as possible to balance out their books.

Spotie1452d ago

Come off it, man.

This "company losing money" has been making acquisitions left and right; why would a price cut be out of the question?

They have the hottest console on the market; it's going to sell. How do you propose they make profits by... you know what? nevermind.

bouzebbal1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

your thinking is flawed.
when you have to fight someone weaker than yourself do you do something special not to lose? no matter how hard he trains the recent history shows that it wont be a danger for you. you wont go train much more because he is trying to reach you.
my point is, PS4 has games, has customer support and has a scary lineup in beginning next year. not because whatever console drops price that PS4 should follow. in fact, price cut wouldnt help it selling more. i think it's already selling extremely well and exceeds sony's forcast every month.
PS4 keeps selling well, no need to do anything extra cause it's xbox who's trying to break PS4's momentum.
exclusive PS4+GTAV bundle on the way! this is worth more than any price cut

TheWatercooler1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Microsoft are foolish with all their price cuts. Sony should not rise to it and end up creating a price war. It's very damaging for the industry.

The PS4 is a premium product and you pay for what you get. If you want something cheap and inferior Microsofts console is the way to go.

"I look at the bigger picture not the here and now"

Really? you are talking about price cuts going into the holiday season. That is exactly the here and now. Microsoft have no long term strategy thats why sony are wiping the floor with them.

Sony are totally thinking about the future. Thats why they aren't dropping the price just for a month

mhunterjr1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Sony isn't resting on their laurels. There are more ways to 'counter' than price drops. They have other ways of making sure customers are excited about their product. They've got an impressive 2015 line up brewing, they'll be holding an even in December that is rumored to be better than their E3, and they've just launched Share Play, an exciting new feature. If you think Sony is just coasting in the lead, then you are worrying yourself over nothing... They are operating expertly... And this is coming from someone who only games on XB1 so far.

Also, why do you care about NDP? All companies gloat when they lead NPD, it has nothing to do with class...more to do with comforting investors. Sony has gloated every month so far this gen, do you feel they too lack class? Why do you care who 'wins' the holidays? Why are you taking this so personally?

curtis921452d ago

This is a new bread of consumers these days. Gone are the days where people shop around for the best price. This is the age of Apple. We know if 2 things are competing and one of them continues to slash prices and include free stuff, it's because they're losing. Losing in this economy often relates to things going under or not lasting long. So people tend to go with the device that has a consistent price because it shows sustainability, it shows success and therefore longevity. Sony shouldn't lower the price at all. It's selling like hotcakes, why lower the price?

Chevalier1452d ago

Sony is just going to act accordingly based on their individual markets.!/...

For example here our Playstation 4 Destiny bundles are $469.99 so for the launch of COD you can get it and a 2nd game such as Day Zero Call of Duty Advanced warfare for only $10 more. Versus the COD Xbox One bundle for $499.99

I imagine rather than dropping their price they'll just pull a page from Microsoft and just offer another game with their game bundles.

CervantesPR11452d ago

It dosent matter if xbox one outsells PS4 this holiday, the gap will not shorten. Even if xbox one outsells PS4 this holiday what then? its not like the PS4 will not sell in the holidays lol and in december 6 we have that Playstation experience with game anouncements and 3 months later from now come feb 6 and foward its notthing but playstation exclusives dropping like the tomorow children,bloodborne,the order 1886, dragonquest,yakuza, tearaway unfolded,disgaea 5,until dawn(not sure about this one) while microsoft only has fable legends lol a game that was not even running on a xbox one at gamescom and looks plain boring and uninteresting.

PS4 is raping the xbox one in sales and its also perceived as the superior console because it is.

lets wait and see what happens this holiday, because if xbox one does not outsell the PS4 with all this effort the PS4 is the new PS2

ainTgoTTime2bleed1452d ago

''Sony needs some new brains in charge (someone like phil spencer)''....I think Don Mattrick would be a better and more ''intelligent'' ; pick;), but this won't be easy as flipping a switch;)

Jaqen_Hghar1451d ago

We all know PS4 will continue to dominate world wide. There's no competition outside of the US and UK right now for PS4 and MS didn't even bother to cut price in Europe outside of the UK where it hasn't made a big difference. $50 isn't going to change the perception a whole lot. Sony just has to get their bundles out in America and retailers will have deals.

rainslacker1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

If Sony can sell every system they make at it's current price, then expect it to sell at it's current price for as long as that keeps happening.

So far, nothing MS has done has been able to slow down the PS4's sales, so Sony doesn't have to react. I'm sure they're watching and are ready to make changes if necessary, but I doubt the price drop is going to "save" MS this holiday. It may spur sales, but that doesn't mean that Sony won't also sell all their stock as well.

The truth is, Sony has a nice buffer lead right now. Even if MS manages to outsell them this holiday for 2 months straight, MS still won't sell enough to catch up to the PS4. After the holidays, console says tend to slump, so even then, Sony doesn't have to react. They can wait until next E3 unless MS continues the price cut, and continues to outsell the PS4.

On a side note...if one is interested in getting an X1, this holiday season would be a great time to do it, because it's likely to remain at $350 for quite some time.

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JAM_brz1452d ago

picking up mine November 15th. I can't wait no more.

bloodybutcher1452d ago

Nice,which games are you getting with it?

bouzebbal1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

enjoy the beast!

Moe-Gunz1452d ago

Just in time for AC: unity, LBP3, FarCry 4, GTA V.

bloodybutcher1452d ago

I don't think that they have to cut the price of ps4, but they should make it more attractive for a consumer, it's a holidays season after all. Maybe give few months of psplus for free,some download vouchers for digital games, just something.

1452d ago
akaFullMetal1452d ago

Possible black friday will have some good bundles or discount on ps4?

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