MWEB GameZone The Evil Within Review - Something wicked this way comes

The Evil Within will leave you breathless, scrambling, it will not stop, it will not give up pushing you. This is a hard game that is not particularly rewarding beyond mere survival. But it’s gorgeous, oh so gorgeous; it’s slick and polished; it’s carefully designed to a fine point of near-perfection in its balance of what’s possible and what’s difficult.

It’s a point so sharp it cuts to the heart of why we keep playing: to face the next challenge, keeping you glued, providing another hit of success that never really feels like anything until you stop playing.

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CongoKyle1452d ago


I've seen grown male streamers reduced to tears. nope.jpeg

HoldenZA1452d ago

This is one of those games that I'm actually intimidated to play. I want to play it, but I'm not too excited about going to buy a new pair of shorts every time I do.

lord zaid1452d ago

I agree, this isn't my bag. But I'm glad its out there. I think its important that we have variety in our gaming.

SonZeRo1452d ago

no no no. I like my heart where it is, don't need it trying to run away from me. I would not even want to imagine this game with a occulus