Square-Enix Kicks off classic PS1 releases with Xenogears

According to a NeoGAF posting, this month's Dengeki PlayStation reveals the very first PS1 games Square Enix will revive on the Japanese PSN. The titles will be available for 600 yen each, and will begin releasing in Japan today. There are twelve titles planned, starting with Xenogears. However, there are a number of other titles to be released today, such as Einhander, Astronoka, Rakugaki Showtime, Raystorm and Fighters Impact. While none of these titles feature the words "Final" or "Fantasy" in them, many are considered classics of the PS1 era. Titles like Xenogears can be pretty rare, so these re-releases are of great convenience to those that missed them at first. At only 600 yen each, this is an incredible bargain, especially when one considers the ability to play these downloadables on both the PS3 and on the go with the PSP.

Unfortunately, SCEA and Square Enix USA haven't announced any similar plans to release English language versions of these classics. We hope that they follow suit soon.

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TheHater4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Couldn't agree more. I hope they can release some of the final fantasy games on the psn. Final Fantasy VII and VIII would be nice. :)

JasonXE4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Its like how xbl is to America as psn is to japan. The home region is going to get loads more of content compare to other regions. SCEJ thanks america support of the ps3 so they can give more stuff/content to Japan and boost there economy, arigato fan-roboto!

Megaton4740d ago

Completely agree. I hate reading articles like this because it makes me jealous of the JPSN. Our selection of PS1 titles in America is absolutely abysmal (with the exception of Castlevania).

callahan094739d ago


Love the hell outta that game. I'm totally going to download it from the Japanese PSN store. I have an original Japanese copy for my PSone still, but can't play it anymore due to a lack of JP PS console.

I forgot that game was published by Enix! Classic Treasure gaming goodness.

kira9894739d ago

AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

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BilI Gates4740d ago

Dude the Japanese Store is freaking FLOODED with PS1 classics that I'd like to buy. This isn't fair.

TheHater4740d ago

is it just me, or does the Japanese plyatation store have more contents that the European and American store combine?

Dark-Angel094740d ago

I say the same thing... I wish that a lot of the PS1 games on the JPN Store would make it to the US Store

BilI Gates4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

It's not just you. I was in that store earlier and man they've got a lot of great stuff in there. I want Policenauts so bad.

They've got more trailers, more demos, more wallpapers, more PS1 classics.. If you were to actually take the time to look through the store in every section and every folder, you'd see that they have a lot more stuff than we do. Now I wish I was Japanese.

Ninja-Sama4740d ago

my favourite game ever on the PS1.

Millah4740d ago

One of my favorite games of all time!

LeShin4740d ago

Xenogears......the only RPG to this day I've completed 6 times beginning to end!!

SCEE even though I've still got my original copy, you better bring this to the PSN!!!!!!!!

Throw in Parasite Eve as well while you're at it!

Skerj4740d ago

Agreed and bubbled to you all, favorite RPG of all time. There are so many things in the game that are just mindblowing and as of yet untouched (SMT games come damn close though). I own 2 copies both mint and one still sealed, the perfect works book, and too much Xenogears paraphernalia. This seriously needs to hit the US PSN so everyone can see what the TRUE RPG for the PS1 was, sorry FFVII Xenogears has you beat by a long shot.

Kratos_19864740d ago

i also want the resident evil classics

KillaManiac4740d ago

Heck yea, been watching playthroughs of all the Res Evil 1-3 on PS1 on Youtube lately.

Bubbles for the Res Evil classic fan!

SpartanGR4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I'm not gonna wait for them to wake up (us/europe psn). I've just bought a huge collection -all of them actually- of jrpg's for the ps1. I'll play them either there (psone) or on my ps2

ThatArtGuy4740d ago

Problem is that I can't read Japanese.

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