More Final Fantasy XV Videos Show Enormous Areas and Draw Distance, Absolutely Beautiful Graphics

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata appeared at a conference at Paris Games Week, and after showing a definitely amazing tech demo focused on the power of the Luminous engine he had more up his sleeve.

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TheLyonKing1453d ago

It's so pretty and looks so tangeable.

I hope they have secret areas on the world map like the island closest to hell and the island closest heaven and the research lab in 8 or where you get quadra and knights of the round in 7. Also I hope there's secret towns and villages...I am rambling because am starting to get hyped again!!

bouzebbal1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

well after the 6 years they have been developing it i am not expecting less.
i wanna see how much of an RPG this game will be, cause i haven't been entirely sold for the fighting mechanics. if it's as RPG as Kingdom Hearts then it's a no go for me.
I expect very deep RPG elements in a FF.
Definitely looks crazy graphically

on_line_forever1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

the only thing iam worry about is the fight system

we want epic fight with monsters like squall in final fantsy 8 when he hit and cute the monster by lion heart .

also we want to see great magic attack and great summons .

on_line_forever1453d ago

oh i forgot

i love CARD GAMES so much in final fantasy 8

i hope they bring it again in FFXV .

hay1452d ago

Those are all good points, but after they "simplified" targeting and command system, excluded character change I feel this will be more of FFXIII all over again. Really beautiful game with no substance.

Yahdaree1453d ago

I am not worried about graphics with SE anyways.. it's story and gameplay. I hope those are good. Looking good so far.

TheLyonKing1453d ago

This game looks very promising, if I had to compare the open world and over feel to any ff i would place it nearer 8 though a story with fighting kingdoms also seems to draw heavily on 9.
Both are my two most favourite ffs so I have high hopes this game will be superb and the story will spot on (tight and easy to understand).

My only two concerns is comments the new director made about the battle system and maybe that the other characters in noctis' group won't have good character background making them uninteresting.

joab7771453d ago

Looks they have drawn heavily from Western rpgs. Though I see some Dragons Dogma in there...which isn't bad.

If it has a deep combat system, great story, and customization to go with the gorgeous open world...I will buy and play my 1st FF games since 13.

on_line_forever1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

i agree with you

we want deep combat system like final fantasy 7 and 8 .

tanukisuit1453d ago

... what's this about a new director??? O_O

TheLyonKing1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Tetsuya gave the reins to Hajime Tabata so that Tetsuya could work on kingdom hearts 3 and knowing tetsuya a lot of other projects as well.

In an interview he sid he wanted to make the gameplay in a way a lot easier for people to play essentially making it a one button press. I can't remember if it was just mistranslated but it still worries me.
I hope he just means it will be easy to use on the surface but more deep and engaging for people wanting a more fuller ff experience.

Heres the interview anyway:

Kumomeme1452d ago


i believe this 'one button' issue had been cleared before

if you keep followed after past tgs update,there are clarification from another interview with tabata together analysis from neogaf user based on the gameplay patent

what sure and what been clarify now is:

-tabata want to make the gameplay more approachable to casual gamers only,but doesnt mean it will be easy,it just approachable,while hardcore can expect more
-it was no button smashing,this had been cleared
-gameplay mechanic was involve one button +gambit mechanics,which is pretty strategic combat come with it
-nothing near kh3 combat as well

this stuff already been clarified before, hope this stuff no need to repeat over and over again

Elda1453d ago

The anticipation is driving me crazy!

The_Blue1453d ago

Im sitting here thinking about all the hours i'm going to spend on this. lol

jhoward5851453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Final Fantasy XV runs so smooth. The draw distance are incredible.

BTW, does anyone know what the crowd were cheering about?

kingdomtriggers1453d ago

I know the biggest cheer was from Tabata asking the crowd "Do you want japanese voices in the overseas versions of the game?" And obviously the crowd went wild. and Tabata said "Well, we will have to work on getting that in for you guys" or something like that. essentially, dual audio for ffxv 90% confirmed.

jhoward5851453d ago

thank you for the info. Sounds like the japs are getting back in to console gaming.Wow, I have never heard them this excited in a long time.

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