10 Major Entrances WWE 2K15 Needs To Get Right

WC: With the older gen release of WWE 2K15 only days away, it’s a real surprise that only a select bunch of clips have thus far been released. The game has been completely shrowded in secrecy at a level that’s usually only akin to a J.J Abrams flick. With this much mystery surrounding it, 2K had better hope that they hype delivers.

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optimus1475d ago

So far this game has not been fun to play, I expected more coming from 2k. I don't remember a sliding bar to break out of pitfalls, or at least I don't remember it being this difficult...overall controls are not that intuitive... 2k claims that the next gen version will be very different, I seriously have my doubts about that....I had more fun with WWE13...seems like there are too many cooks in the development kitchen....I'll give this game another week or so to win me over but as of right now it's 5/10

DC19801475d ago

According to the DDP article, Some guy named Lex Luther is in the game. It's LEX LUGER!!!