Age of Empires: Castle Siege Gets Xbox Live Achievements

Hardcore Gamer: It’s been a long time since Age of Empires made any headlines; the series has been a staple of the real-time strategy genre for decades. The latest title, Age of Empires: Castle Siege, was released for Windows back in September. Now, it’s got its own achievements on Xbox Live to up your Gamerscore.

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Metallox1449d ago

Age of Empires IV, please, Microsoft :(

annoyedgamer1449d ago

They seem more interested in milking the old games than making proper new titles at the moment unfortunately.

threefootwang1448d ago

Except for the fact that AOE:Castle Siege is completely free to play lol. No milking required.

PS4OUR1448d ago

Sadly, not gonna happen and im a huge fan of the Age series ;(

Wizard_King1448d ago


It was confirmed years ago that MS was not going to make an AoE4 and they have since dissolved all the talent behind making 1, 2 and 3.

DeadlyFire1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

They parted and went separate directions and formed 5 studios. Only notable studio with any talent from them I know of is Robot Entertainment. They mostly work on small games now though. Perhaps bigger ones later if they live long enough.

There was also Bonfire games which was bought by Zygna. Now Zygna Dallas.

DeadlyFire1447d ago

They lost Ensemble after Age of Empires 3 and now they are lost on where to take the series obviously.

I still believe Robot Entertainment could make a solid game for them.