Sony's Event In December Will Surpass Their E3 Showing

They're gearing up for a super huge presentation in December and all indications are that it will surpass the E3 show. Wonder why Sony is doing this...?

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-Foxtrot1450d ago

So lets see what they have

Uncharted 4
The Order
No Mans Sky
Gran Turismo 7 (Possibly)
Ratchet & Clank Remake
Until Dawn
Tearaway Unfolded

Then there is the big announcement they mentioned a while back

Hope we see new games, not just ones we already know about.

thorstein1450d ago

Or, games we know about but haven't heard anything in awhile.

For me, that would be:
Last Guardian
No Man's Sky

fluffydelusions1450d ago

Last Guardian "

The dream is dead. You will sleep better at night to let it go :)

slate911450d ago

Yeah, youre kind of reaching with agent lol. TLG I hope to see that though

Azmatik1450d ago

New god of war plzzzz would be so amazing on ps4

bouzebbal1450d ago

I think it will be an event for extra surprises, a bit like their TGS keynote.
it will be mainly about unannounced games, i presume.
i really wanna know what Sony Bend and Guerrilla are up to. That Ratchet remake would also be a great thing to see. I love playstation for not neglecting any gaming genre.

TheStrokes1450d ago

What happenedt to Mad Max?

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Jason_Plays_PC1450d ago

Never hype up these events its the worst thing you can do.Lets just wait and see what gets announced.

CaptainObvious8781450d ago

I don't remember a single one of these events in gaming history that has actually lived up to the hype.

I'll remain optimistic, but will be keeping my expectations in check.

Mega241450d ago

I want to see an Actual demo of No Man's Sky. Some Eve: Valkyrie as well. Maybe actual news on where the hell is planetside too.

Iceball20001450d ago

GT7 would be amazing to see or even an open world GT!

breakpad1450d ago

for the unannounced game i hope for a capcom exclusive ..or at least a japanese AAA exclusive this time.(Dragons Dogma 2 , Monster Hunter im looking at you)

nitus101449d ago

Dragon's Dogma 2 PS4 Release Date Coming In 2015? See the following URL:

The base part of Dragon's Dogma - Dark Arisen" was IMHO better than the original Game since they did fix up some shortcomings.

One of the annoying part of Dragon's Dogma was the quest system which IMHO was fairly bland such as "Escort Missions" and "Go there, kill that" which were fairly repetitious. The fighting was actually quite good in that you could climb on some of the large beasts.

If Dragon's Dogma 2 mixes up some of the good features of what Skyrim has then this game may be an excellent buy for all the RPG fans.

juggulator1450d ago

I like the list but unfortunately Sony will lose this upcoming holiday for this exact reason. All those games come out in 2015 and with the whole #Failclub situation, Sony's looks to have no answer for Halo: The Master Chief Collection + Sunset Overdrive. Heck, those two games alone have me seriously considering buying an Xbox One. There's some great multiplat games coming out that I'll definitely be getting on PS4 but I have to hand it to Microsoft, they've got a killer exclusive lineup for this holiday.

nX1450d ago

Trolling or OffTopic, what do you want to lose a bubble for?

Why o why1450d ago

I disagree. I don't think you're a trolling either. The next price drop may indeed help the x1 and the games should help on top of that but sony rightly or wrongly may actually ride the multiplat wave for the last part of the year. It's undeniable that ms's timing for the end of the year has been better than sonys but as we've seen, previous games have yet to push the x1 past the ps4 for even a month. Maybe halo will be the one people pin their hopes on now.....theres been a few so called levellers/gamechangers prophesized this gen already.

Curtaseeflush1449d ago

How will xbone overtake?
MS is struggling. People seem to forget that MS tried royaly screwing over their gamers with DRM and said they cant change it, but they did.
Then MS said its impossible for Xbone to run without Kinect connected, then backtracked on that by releasing a kinectless XBone. It caused a large amount of people to spend that extra $100 because of Kinect when they never had to, had they known. But Xbone fanboys leave that info out to get a better argument.

MS have lost trust, and we arent talking a little, it could be just enough trust lost that it could take MS years to recover, and Xbone to never even come close to catching up to PS4, which looks that way allready.

A price drop wont help that much.
PS4 has over double the sales, thats more people telling their friends to get PS4.
Even in America Xbone cant keep up with PS4, and thats very bad news for MS.

Then you got the fact that Xbox has never had anywhere near the consumer base that PS has. For starters, Xbox 360 had the RRoD which caused so many owners to rebuy their 360, which MS sneakly allowed to happen for 3 years, which again, lost alot of trust from consumers.
So those 80 million 360s sold(considering 360 had a 51 or so percent failure rate for most its lifespan, So 360 really only ever had a consumer base of around 50-60 million, if that, compared to sonys over 80million, then you gotta remember the 150 million who owned a PS2, alot of them should return.

The Xbone is also weaker, and its a big trend now days, like my parents did and my uncle and aunties are doung for my cousins, is parents will look at the specification/Hardware of each console(Sony wins) look at their history of games(Sony Wins). Parents research, and Xbone is not being painted a good picture at the moment.

Then you gotta remember when Sony announced PS4, they made it very very very very clear that Sony wants and will dominate the market again. Its their goal, and the only way they can do that is with games, games and games.
Now its a plan Sony cannot and wont fail due to the simple fact they have alot of the most talented and skilled developers in the world atm.

Then you gotta hope sony dont drop PS4's price aswell or Xbone is stuffed.

colonel1791450d ago

Imagine if they dropped the price to $349 or $299 for the month of December just to 1up Microsoft? Sony would lose money, but gain so many sales they could recover in software and accessories sales.

Even the people pissed at the price cut would run to the store to buy a second one. I know I would!

GribbleGrunger1450d ago

That's the fine line between risk and reward though. There would be little point dropping the price and then not having enough consoles to meet demand when they could possibly sell just as many at the current price. If they DO reduce the price, they'd also have to increase production. Microsoft have produced more than they can sell so it's much easier for them to meet demand.

Kidmyst1450d ago

This Holiday season will have Sony saying to those who have not decided on a console there is more to come yet and boost more sales. I can't wait to see some Uncharted 4 footage.

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BitbyDeath1450d ago

I don't think it'll be that hard to surpass E3.
But can it surpass Gamescom?

MrSwankSinatra1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Hope so, i thought their E3 was pretty lackluster. That pre-tokyo game show event was Sony's best showing imo.

PS4isKing_821450d ago

Hopefully something big like ff7 remake, street fighter 5, or crash bandicoot. I would love to have a huge megaton to talk about all week.

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