Don’t Choose Between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Holiday; You Should Buy Both

Joel Taveras writes, "Oh, the joys of being an early adopter.

Last November when I plunked down 600 bucks on a PlayStation 4 and three launch games I knew exactly what I was doing. I bought into potential. I purchased, what I thought, was the best fit (for me) of the two new consoles at that point. As the GameStop employee swiped my debit card, he solidified me as an early adopter and I knowingly welcomed all of the joys that came with it. I — as well as millions of others — spent that money knowing well that there was a better deal or value just around the corner."

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oODEADPOOLOo2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

"You Should Buy Both"

Sure you got $350 bones plus $60 for game and another $60 for XBL ? lol

ThinkThink2276d ago

Get the xbox one while it's on sale this holiday; ask santa and grandma for gift cards, do a little saving.. and get the ps4 in March just in time for bloodborn and The Order. Boom.. Easy Peasy, lemon squeezey.

xilx2276d ago

"do a little saving"

The money I'm saving is going toward being able to afford a place to live and food to eat because my job is cutting me down to part time for the next 4 months until the person I was hired to replace leaves.

Granted, my situation is not everybody's, but "just spend $1000 on video games this holiday" isn't a scenario everyone can afford. What a stupid article.

user55757082276d ago

I'll be honest and I don't care about all the hate I'm going to get.

Buy a WiiU it has the best library out there out of the 3 consoles. You can't go wrong with the mario games, wind waker, bayonetta 2, even hyrule warriors was surprisingly good. Separate yourself from all of the 1080p 900p, timed exclusive, and ZOMG MY ONLINE STATS IN COD AND BATTLEFIELD ARE SO L33T bickering and buy the console that is the more fun than the others combined

NewMonday2276d ago

that's a bad combo, the best is PS4+WiiU, or even XB1+WiiU

mikeslemonade2276d ago

^Y'all are mostly wrong. I have all 3 but most people are looking for bang for your buck. PS4 is the only system that will get you past this generation.

Army_of_Darkness2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Dual shockers should now be called "Dual income" because clearly... That's what most of us will need in order to "comfortably" afford two consoles this holiday.... Unless Santa-clause stops being a stingy douche-bag and gives me a freakin' present already!! It's been 30 years Santa... thirrrrrty yearrrs!!....

ThanatosDMC2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Yeah, im planning on getting a Wii U instead. It's gonna be PS4+ Wii U. Sony because of their track record and they keep supporting their consoles. Wii U because Nintendo has the Monster Hunter series locked down.

I'd would have chosen an Xbone for this holiday but Dead Rising 3 is not exclusive anymore.

amiga-man2276d ago

I barely have time to play on my PS4, so buying an xone would make little sense especially considering I would have to pay for another subscription service.

If I were young again with time and money a PC or WiiU would probably be a better choice to accompany my PS4

LonDonE2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

LOL SANTA is an anagram of SATAN or shaytaan in Arabic! LOL
So clearly you have been asking the wrong person? or maybe not looking at your profile name? hhhmmmmmm

On topic i too own all 3 of the current gen consoles and a decent pc and i too have multiple incomes to be able to fund my addiction LOL and at the same time maintain my home, wife and 2 kids! on top of that its bloody hard work supporting 4 platforms at the same time.

I would say for the less fortunate gamer go for the PS4 its a better buy by far! dont get me wrong i LOVE all 3 of the consoles but at this moment no one can deny PS4 is ON FIRE!!!!!!!!

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thorstein2276d ago

Getting the Wii U. You know, the 2nd best selling console of the current generation. I already have the best selling one.

stalepie2276d ago

When is a Wii On U Now app coming to PS4's dash?? I wanna stream Nintendo games :/

uth112276d ago

The Wii U is a much better second system choice because there's much less overlap with the PS4/XB1

CloudRap2276d ago

Aww yeah ooo yeah 10 month straight chart topping NPD OMFG! (grabs tissues) lol thats what you sound like right now, more sales = more enjoyment of your console apperently, that N4g logic right there.

persona4chie2276d ago

Plus you get to play bayonetta 2 and smash bros, and hyrule warriors if you're into those.

donman12276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Fully agree with you. No need to own both (PS4 and XboxOne) and it makes more sense to have the PS4/WiiU combo if you feel the need to own two consoles.

Monster_Tard2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

That's what I'm doing, no extra subscription to pay for.

MASTER_RAIDEN2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Wii u is the best console out right now. Have either of the 2 console makers even had a 9/10 game yet? Meanwhile bayonetta 2 scores higher than anything ps4 or xbone have yet to see.

Lol 82 on metacritic for sunset overdrive: "PS4 HAS NO GAMES!" open your eyes guys- the little guy is crushing us both.

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Yetter2276d ago

well if you buy a bundle you get a game included for 350

CloudRap2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I have both because I enjoy both's exclusives and prefer SOME multiplat games on Xb1 despite the usual res downgrade. I have no interest what so ever in getting a WiiU.

turdburgler10802276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I already bought both. Just got my ps4 in the mail today from cowboom. Paid $250 for it. It said it was in fair condition but when I got it all I could see were two tiny little scatches that aren't really even visible. Looks brand new. Now I,just need my wii U for super smash bros.

Jason_Plays_PC2276d ago

Ok ill spend 800 plus online subs and ill get both this christmas easy peasy /s

NextGen24Gamer2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

If you do decide to get an Xbox One, remember that Family Share is indeed active. You can only share with 3 consoles a year. But all three consoles can SHARE all the games on each others library of games. You can also pay for ONE xbox live account & you can create 6 xbox live gamer tags to share. And yes you can buy ONE copy of Advanced Warefare (for example) & 3 separate consoles can play it together at the same time. Microsoft did this quietly & for me it's an incredible feature.

ThanatosDMC2276d ago

Great feature for Evolve!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2276d ago

If I take a game that I have used on my Xbox One console to a friend's house to play that same game on my friend's Xbox One console what would happen if I popped the disc in and tried to play it?

Volkama2276d ago

Explain please? I know you can game your "home console" to allow sharing catalogues with 1 other person (if you can do without the normal home console benefit).

I assume you are talking about another method of sharing, and I'd sure like to know the details.

On-topic, if you can afford both consoles you might be better off clubbing the money together and getting a PC instead. Rather depends what games you want to play though.

NextGen24Gamer2276d ago


Obviously if you take your game disc to a friends house, your friend can play the game. But, that's not what I'm talking about. You can purchase One game digitally. And all 3 friends/family members can play that ONE game at the same time YOU are playing it. Also, you only have to pay for ONE xbox live account & you get 6 gold memberships/gamer tags for ONE.


Each Xbox one can have 3 accounts attatched to it as the HOME CONSOLE. 3 friends, 3 family members, etc...And that's per year. I believe you can add another 3 every year and build your family circle.

ALl 3 members that you have on your xbox as their HOME now have unlimited access to EVERYONES gaming catalog & you can play the SAME games Simultaneously. Including playing ONLINE Multiplayer games together.

Microsoft has been quiet about this little gem. I have 43 xbox one games in my library. Game changer!!!!!!

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Joey_Leone2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

LMFAO id rather get a PC with all that money, LOL who the hell would buy an XBOXONE if they could get a PS4 with a PSVITA or PSTV?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2276d ago


Tell the author to write everyone in this thread a check for 400 bucks, he'll probably change his tune when his bank account runs dry.

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DVS-Zev2276d ago

I owned both last gen and it was nice.This time, however, i'm not paying two subscriptions a year just to play online.

I'm busy enough with PS4 as it is and looking at X1 games, and 360's history, most of it's exclusives are already making the jump to other platforms and i don't see this changing.

I don't even need an X1 to play Titanfall, Ryse, Dead Rising 3 or Project spark.All of which are the only game i would really want to play anyways.

Xb1ps42276d ago

So are you playing them on your capable PC?

DVS-Zev2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

If i wanted to, i easily could.My 5 year old toshiba laptop can run Titanfall at minimum spec.My home PC could easily run it.When/if PS4's starts to slowdown with the games, maybe i'll dip into PCs X1 selection.Until then, i'm fine.

You don't need "capable" PC's to run most games at X1's level.

Check for yourself.

-Foxtrot2276d ago

Yeah because money grows on trees

Majin-vegeta2276d ago

I barely enough time to play my PS4.Yet you want me to buy a second system?No thanks.PS4 has me covered in all the areas

DJustinUNCHAIND2276d ago

Except the good games and reliable online service aspects.

Rimeskeem2276d ago

I agree, we have great game

Majin-vegeta2276d ago

Not much of an online guy so not that big of a deal for me.

*except good games*

Lol let's go back in time to 2010.

Gazondaily2276d ago

Why would you want to go back in time? We're talking CURRENT gen

NatureOfLogic_2276d ago

Not smart when 90% of the games are the same and there are few exclusives on both so far.

rainslacker2276d ago

Yep. Just buy the system which you think will provide you with the best entertainment for your dollar. Weigh the options and decide what's important to you, or which exclusive games you may like, then make your decision based on that.

In the end, it's your money, console wars shouldn't have anything to do with your wallet.