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Jamie Briggs, Analog Addiction writes: "Comparisons between the Dark Souls franchise and Lords of the Fallen are going to occur; it was something that was always bound to occur. From your first death, it is quite obvious Lords of the Fallen has been inspired by the soul crushing (pun intended) franchise, due to your experience being dropped once you perish, and the ability to successfully recapture said experience when visiting your previous resting place. This is just one of the similar qualities that both Dark Souls and Lords of the Fallen possess.

Lords of the Fallen isn’t a carbon copy recreation of Dark Souls. Despite the clear inspirations here, Lords of the Fallen doesn’t try to make the process of combat tedious and overbearing. Consider Lords of the Fallen a title that seeks to provide a Dark Souls-esque experience to players who found the franchise to be too narcissistic. Lords of the Fallen does provide some challenging battles, but for the most part, players will experience hundreds of cannon fodder enemies rather than an ultimate challenge."

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