First Ride PS4 gameplay footage emerges

"So far, little has been seen of Milestone's mysterious new bike racing IP Ride other than a tantalysing teaser trailer. WIth the knowledge that over 100 bikes will feature along with a mixture of real and fictional circuits spread across 15 locations, it's safe to say expectations are riding high for gamers who prefer racing on two wheels instead of four. However, we've yet to see how this translates in-game due to a lack of screenshots or videos showing Ride in action. Until now.

Emerging from the Milan Games Week, the following video gives us a first look at a work-in-progress build of Ride on the PS4, allowing us to examine the detailed bike models up-close before being taken for a high speed ride on a fictional road circuit set in Stelvio on a 1190 KTM RC8R. If, like me, you aren't fluent in Italian, you may want to skip to 09.46 to get to the actual game footage."

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081501d ago

Forget about motoGP, i want this! it's like driveclub, but with bikes.

FITgamer1500d ago

They are pretty bad. The rider is going knee down on turns that barely 45°.

morganfell1501d ago

I really want this game to be great but as a full time rider I am amazed they can never get the lean physics correct. By that I mean the speed of the lean in and out. It's always too fast and too twitchy. If you ride then you immediately notice this in every game. Even if you do not ride, one look at a real race and you will spot the difference.

Utalkin2me1500d ago

The problem is, if you make it a little smoother of a animation it will have to be tighter in the controls for the corner. And i think that would ruin the controls of the game. And this video the guy playing just keeps tapping making it look a little twitchy. I would rather have better controls then a better animation.

Anyways, the game looks decent so far, for being a work in progress.

morganfell1500d ago

It has the same issues, though to a far less degree, that bikes suffered in TLAD. Twitchy controls actually cause oversteering.

Horseheadinthebed1500d ago

I agree , also a full time rider (1200 bandit) . I can never seem to control bike racing games correctly!

Nekroo911501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Meh, i hope they fix the sense of speed 100km/h felt like 30 in the corners.

1500d ago

Can we have a road rash ps4 game PLZ!!

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