Lords of the Fallen Review – Of Gods and Men | TwoDashStash

In Lords of the Fallen, the player straps on the enormous shoulder pads (more on this later) of Harkyn: a grim-faced slab of a man who, despite a criminal past, has been recruited as a righteous warrior in an apocalyptic war between humans and demons. Bad-but-misunderstood anti-hero he may be, Harkyn is very good at killing things and in a bid for redemption is set on a quest to repel demonic “Lords”; a task that calls for “hard men,” as Harkyn’s mage-mentor Kaslo cryptically intones. A myriad of dungeons, fog-filled paths and shadow realms weave through the game and lead Harkyn to dispatch bosses and their minions with solemn, brutal resolve.

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