Video Game Leaks; Blessing Or Curse?

GameGrin's Alex Avard writes: "We currently live in an era known as the information age, a time of increasingly intense connectivity from which the game industry is not exempt. Leaks have always been a problem with videogames and gaming news, but they now occur, largely as a result of the internet, at an alarmingly frequent rate. They can reveal things as minor as a new character in Mortal Kombat X or as big and news-worthy as the next Halo game. For someone who likes keeping up to date with all things gaming, I lap up gaming leaks with no sense of caution whatsoever, but are they really a good thing for the industry as a whole?"

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1stPersonHuman1452d ago

Its never a good thing. The reveals are suppose to be cinematic. The reveal itself gets people hyped, and games can always use more cinematic flair. Take the Zombies for COD AW. Finding out about that myself would have been amazing, but now its been revealed too early.