White Xbox One Console Unboxing – Sunset Overdrive Special Edition

Joel from Start Replay has managed to get hold of the brand new White Xbox One Console! Watch him unbox it, alongside the limited edition white controller and Sunset Overdrive.

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GodGinrai1453d ago

Congrats dude! Picking up my COD edition in just 4 days :)

mikeslemonade1453d ago

Thanks.. now I don't really envy the white owners. There's too much black on the sides of the console and there's too much black at the trigger portion of the controller.

Seem more like a oreo cookie console than an actualy sleek white console.

marloc_x1453d ago

Wouldn't kick it out of of my entertainment centre..

ssjkiet1453d ago

Picking up my ACU Bundle Sunday :D!

Dlacy13g1453d ago

Sunset Overdrive is a blast...usually not my kind of game but loving this game. TNT Teddy Bear Gun makes me giggle with glee every time I see "BOOM".

u4one1453d ago

HAHA totally. Its so satisfying.

urwifeminder1453d ago

Can not get a co op game on Sunset tried about 10 times people must be playing private matches weird not one person just times out.

MeliMel1453d ago

Im buying this for my kids. That console looks so sweet. Its probably the best looking one, funny because the black one is meh..but its the same shit.

ManiacMansion1453d ago

Got mine today, looks absolutely amazing together with my white furniture ;D

GodGinrai1453d ago

dope! thats some barry white type vibe you got going on over there! part of me wants one of those white controllers, but I hope they never release them outside of the bundle. You know what you need, now, bruh? one of them white astro headsets!

Im trading in, my 'old' xbox in the morning to pick up SSO, pay for my Halo:MCC ltd.edition... and to get these pre ordered and delivered for monday :)

Black and gold to match my new X1!

Yay for limited editions!!

N4GDgAPc1453d ago

mmhh... I like my Turtle Beach PX5 and PX51's better^^

GodGinrai1453d ago


Do the PX51s work on XB1? I could live without the whole 'matching' thing for a quality surround sound headset. The ones im currently looking at are stereo and the only other xbox specific wireless surround headset is the 500X.

Please respond ASAP! and lemme know of any issues...if any. Did they come with the toslink connect the wireless transmitter to xbox/other digital sources?

N4GDgAPc1453d ago

Currently don't have a XB1. I'm still thinking about it but waiting till Nov 2nd to buy it for $350 and employ discount at target for %15 off. Even though I haven't work there for 5 years, it still works^^.

I got mine hooked up to the TV and just tell my receiver to play from TV. So headphones will work for everything connecting that way. Connecting it straight to X1 I don't know. If it has a Digital Output then it should work. Voice chat I'm not sure about though if it works for X1.

Voice chat works for the ps4 but you have to do a firmware update, change it to ps4 mode and connect the audio jack headphones to controller. Bluetooth doesn't work on ps4 some reason. Might have to do something similar with X1.

N4GDgAPc1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I would probably go with these

but there not out yet. They come out Nov 4th. There the new DTS first headphones. and these were made for the X1 in mine.

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The story is too old to be commented.