Perma-Permadeath – A Fitting Farewell to Games

Joe Lewis of The Koalition writes:
Raising the stakes and creating a new and more cautious form of gameplay, it’s easy to see why the permadeath run is gaining traction among the hardcore. Like a crack addict looking for a new kind of high, it’s not hard to see how Chris Livingston’s devised perma-permadeath is destined to up the ante yet again.

For those who don’t know, permadeath is a way to play games with an added restriction: If your avatar dies, in combat or otherwise, then that’s all she wrote. No respawning and no reverting to a previous save.

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Romudeth1451d ago

This is something I would never try in a game. That's the whole point, isn't it? If you die you get a chance to do it over. Games are to escape reality not to live it lol

rbailey1451d ago

I agree wholeheartedly with this notion. Also, what about games that auto save on their own? I would never play a game only to die by the hands of the final boss and have to start all over again. At that point, I would just start playing another game lol

garrettglass1451d ago

I dunno. Something about starting all over takes me back to the good ole days.

Genova841451d ago

The diablo series and path of exile are great examples of how this can work. Though they do have their setbacks due to lag deaths.

As far as the good old days go, those games generally took a maximum of 5 hours to beat. Playing a game for 40 hours and dying is fun, and can add replay value though it certainly can be frustrating.

ATi_Elite1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Perma Death is what separates consolers from PC Gamers.

I hear so many consolers cry about Perma death and actually cry for more free lives in games.

Meanwhile PC Gamers love Perma Death and would love to have it as an option in every game.

Perma Death separates the cry babies from the grown gamers. Spending large portions of time getting loot in Breaking Point to survive the adventure in itself a frigging game because of bandits trying to kill you as soon as you spawn.

Perma Death is for the hard-core gamers who love a strong sense of realism in video games.

If I know I will respond with all my gear and no penalty for dying then I would just suicide attack but because of Perma death each situation is carefully accessed and plans are executed with precision because I just found this m4 with 203 launcher and Acog night scope and I don't want to loose it lol

No auto save either like in Stalker where you gotta go to certain places to save your game because loading up then trekking across the map to the boss lair then surviving the boss lair and making it back is all apart of the survival element.

Hitting f5 every 60 seconds is for the weak. Once I played Stalker for 6 hours with no save and when I died I cried lol but I had fun replaying those six hours and made me a better player.

Rainbow Six Siege is gonna be real popular with Pc Gamers because of its Perma death style play.

PPerma Death makes gaming more realistic and more challenging.

I mean seriously I remember playing sonic back in the day and if I died I would hit reset until I beat the game using only one life.

Some games are too consuming for Perma death therefore you take a huge financial and weapons hit for dying

Ironthighs1451d ago

I respect your opinion, but your desire to be able to do it over is just your taste in games. I want you to know that there are a lot of people out there (I am one of them) that thoroughly enjoy the high adrenaline, high risk, some reward, gameplay of a good rogue-like.

Where I think you are wrong, however, is saying that we that like permadeath don't get to do it over. Oh, we get to do it over. We do it ALL over.

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Snookies121451d ago

Hmm, now I want to play fallout with perma-death. Think I'll try it.

SwiffEpics1451d ago

Going to try this with Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, maybe it will last more than an hour this time.

Profexxion1451d ago

I'm all about a perma-death genre. Thing is, devs will have to balance the game well so that you don't die from some obscure effing game mechanic (Dark Souls 2).

iDadio1451d ago

It has to be a fine balance between risk and reward, I do not want to play a permadeath scenario if there is no benefit to doing so aside from inflating your e-peen. It has to be fair aswell, I am currently doing a hardcore hero on Diablo 3 and that has it spot on, if I die I know its my fault.

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