PS4 Voice Controls Massively Improved by 2.0 Firmware; Here Are All the New Voice Commands

The PS4 2.0 firmware update “Masamune” brought a massive improvement to a previously scarcely used feature of the console: voice controls. Not only new commands have been added, but the voice recognition codec seems to have been made considerably more efficient, reducing the need for repetition by quite a lot.

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ainTgoTTime2bleed1546d ago

Was testing these early today it seems pretty fast and smooth;)

mrdxpr21546d ago

Yea seems more responsive and quicker with the new update I actually don't have to yell anymore

amiga-man1546d ago

I prefer pressing buttons.

Muzikguy1546d ago

I need a headset!! I need to work some overtime lmao

KwietStorm1546d ago

You want a headset for voice controlling your system, not for gaming? You don't have any earphones at all?

Muzikguy1546d ago

No I don't want a headset just for this. I probably won't ever use it tbh because buttons are much faster. Just another reason for me to buy a headset, for gaming

ThatOneGuyThere1546d ago

literally any headset will work. just use the POS that came with it or the headset that came with your phone (if you've purchased a new phone semi recently)
you could hit up amazon for a headset for like 2$

ps4fanboy1546d ago

Camera works also obviously.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1546d ago

Do you have the PS4 camera?...that would work pretty good too without any headset;)

Muzikguy1546d ago

No I don't have the camera, that's another want too lol

martinezjesus19931546d ago

I dont find any of these usefull in either system, I get frustrated when it doesnt understand me after the second try. Its more efficient to just scroll over to the game or app. Its cool when it works, its just not usefull in my opinion

Antifan1546d ago

Because voice control is a marketing gimmick. It 'looks and sounds cool, but in actual practice, it's a soulless feature for anything.
It's like air gesture or smart pause on android phones, crap you won't even use for everyday task.