Valkyria Chronicles PC to Run at 60fps,1080p Resolution and Higher and Remappable Controls Confirmed

Sega has confirmed a couple of details fans have asked on Twitter today. They made it clear that Valkyria Chronicles will run 60 frames-per-second on the PC version as well as display at 1080p and higher depending on your max monitor resolution.

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Snookies121502d ago

Mmmm, wonderful... Thank goodness we're not getting locked FPS, or even worse locked resolution (looking at you FFXIII).

DarkLordMalik1502d ago

This will look glorious at Full HD and 60 fps. Why can't Sega port it to PS4? :(

FarEastOrient1502d ago

This is current Sega, not the same as before. There are still games that they haven't even released in the West let alone on platforms that people will buy them on.

crazysapertonight1502d ago

For now they must release vanquish for PC)

Perjoss1502d ago

Yes but id rather have ps4 valkyria 3 :)

Irishguy951502d ago

1 port/HD
2/3 remake on Ps4

umair_s511502d ago

I'd rather have VC4 for all plaforms

Bodge1502d ago

It's on PS3, play it there.

killbillvolume121502d ago

Just purchased on steam i really hope they bring the other sequels out on pc as well. Like seriously if ubisoft can release assassins creed liberation they can release the sequels on pc.

traumadisaster1502d ago

I bought this day 1 in 2008 for $64 based on about 3 sentences in a preview somewhere. I said that sounds like me, and I really enjoyed it. At the time would have never imagined that I would be playing that game at 4k, heck the year before I just got my first 1080p tv.

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The story is too old to be commented.