RESOGUN Is Coming To The Vita

Over on the Playstation Blog James Hawkins from XDev Studio Europe revealed that the excellent twin-stick-shooter RESOGUN is coming to the Vita!

In a response to a fan asking about a native Vita version James said:

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rarity1452d ago

Yaaaay! I heard so many good things about resogun! No doubt it'll look gorgeous on my vita's OLED screen.

u4one1452d ago

resogun is freaking awesome.


The devs said they wouldn't put the game on vita because of the screen size...they said it would be hard to make out what was going they are?? I'm happy for it ,I just don't understand how they changed they're mind

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SpiralTear1452d ago

Resogun was my favorite PS4 game at the system's launch. Great to see it come to the Vita.

ElementX1452d ago

Another game from the home console coming to the portable. I seriously need to sell my Vita while I can still get money for it.


Lol im right there with you on that. Vita is a serious waste of money. I cant think of one reason to recommend it to anyone at this point.

ger23961452d ago

Not one reason? That's hard to believe.

Scatpants1452d ago

I love mine, perhaps you hate videogames.

Inception1452d ago

Good luck selling your imaginary vita

ElementX1452d ago

I do have a Vita. I bought it used for $200 with a screen cover, case, and a few games. If you check my PSN profile you'll see a few Vita trophies.

Inception1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

This is your profile right?

I already check it and looks like you never play 99% of the game (they got F / E ranked with 0 or 1-2 trophies in it). Sorry to say that profile isn't convinced me that you had a vita.

ElementX1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I buy a lot of games but I haven't really started finishing many until recently and I'm working on my backlog of Steam games. I am planning on getting some games on PS4 such as COD, Last of Us Remastered, LBP3, GTAV... I've been playing PC games lately and I used to just buy every good game that came out, play a few days, then buy something else. I was very impulsive when it came to spending money. I wasted a lot of money and charged even more. I ended up selling my PS3 to a buddy and admit I haven't touched PS4 in a while. I didn't know PSN started ranking game completion. :( I started to get my Steam completion rate up from 20%.

Here's my Steam profile, I have purchased over 600 games in the past few years. That's completely insane, like I said, I'm impulsive but I'm now completing the games I haven't before. Right now I'm on Just Cause 2, playing 30 hours in the past 2 weeks.

If you don't want to believe me, that's ok. You're just some random person online anyway.

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gangsta_red1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Well I guess if Sony themselves won't make any new games for the Vita they might as well start porting the ones they already have.

Question, couldn't you just buy this game for PS4 and play it on Vita using the cross platform game feature?


Ok, I didn't know there was framerate or latency issues during cross platform play of the Vita and PS4. Yu don't usually here to much info on that feature for the Vita.

Sure I care, I'm a caring type of person with a huge heart and so much love to give. That's not ALL I do, I also go into Nintendo articles and post how I'm going to buy a WiiU. You can also find me in a few movie related articles speaking about horror movies. See, I do lots of other stuff.

Ultr1452d ago

and in the exact same week they release Freedom Wars exclusivly for the psVita.
how ironic

CriticalHit1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I tried it. It works but definatly not well enough to even get a decent score, there's too much latency for that and the framerate is too low.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1452d ago

Why do you even care ? It's not like you own a PS4/Vita and care about Resogun. All you do is troll PlayStation and try to make the Xbone appear better than it actually is. Via your comment history.

Protagonist1452d ago


Care to comment on Freedom Wars?

ger23961452d ago

Dude, Freedom wars came out this week.

gangsta_red1452d ago

Freedom Wars...never heard of it until now.

Good to see Sony release a game for the Vita.

Hopefully some more can come out for the Vita soon from Sony first party studios, anyone know what the next game from them will be?

rainslacker1452d ago

Do you mean cross-buy, cross-sharing, or remote play?

From this article, cross-buy isn't confirmed, but if it's available, then yes, if you buy it on the PS4, you will get the vita version. Not sure if the free PS+ version would include cross-buy at this point though.

Cross-share is for trophy/save file support. So you would need both versions to take advantage of it. Many cross buy games have cross share.

Remote play already works for resogun. Used it myself without any issue, so if you have both, have fun with it.

Could be they just want to make it available for Vita owners. It's a fantastic game, and would love a port, or a new game based around the mechanics.

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