Destiny's Story Left Me High and Dry

CCC Says: "I had the fortune of being surprised with a copy of Destiny for my birthday recently, which rather came out of the blue for me, as I was originally planning to buy the game bundled with the PlayStation 4 with my own money later down the line.

Instead, I unwrapped the Xbox 360 version of the game (which suited me just fine), and I graciously and enthusiastically sunk my teeth into the game for the next few days. Unfortunately, for what the game had to offer within those few day in terms of an offline sense (yes, you can play Destiny without Xbox LIVE, as it turns out--just not its Strike and PvP aspects), I found myself incredibly frustrated with Destiny's ending, and as a result its story as well."

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SmokingMonkey1451d ago

I think people need to take into consideration that Destiny was built "like" a ten year MMO.

How were they supposed to write a story that incorporates thousands of players spread out between ten years?

I like Destiny, it is repetitive and the story is bland. But I am enjoying it regardless of it's story or repetitiveness.

2cents1451d ago

Yeah, while it lasted, my enjoyment was high and my wallet was dry.

JeffGUNZ1451d ago

I absolutely love this game. With that said; I still have no idea what the hell is A)going on B)went on, and C) what the F' is the traveler EXACTLY.

GreenRanger1450d ago

The Traveller is God's golf ball.