Guerrilla Games Wants to Develop New Tools and Tech To Make Its Future PS4 Games Look Even Better

Guerrilla Games has been known for a while as an extremely solid competitor on the field of graphics, and many are waiting anxiously for the release of its upcoming PS4 game, which is rumored to be an open world RPG.

Yet, the developer doesn't seem to be fully satisfied with its current level, and is hiring to improve its visual tools and tech.

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TheWatercooler1502d ago

Sony have some of the most technically skilled developers in the business. I can't wait to see what they can squeeze out of the PS4 in the future

Brazz1502d ago

I agree whit ya, and only a buthurt xbox fanboy would deny the fact that sony has some of the most talented developers in the market .

radler1502d ago

Hopefully they develop some new tools to make their next games play better as well. Killzone Shadowfall was terrible in comparison to the excellent Killzone 2 & 3. Hopefully their future titles aren't similarly disappointing steps back.

TheEternalGamer1502d ago

Killzone 2 was the best Killzone. Killzone 3 continued to improve on that and Killzone Shadowfall was still a great Killzone game and very fun.

bjmartynhak1502d ago

Shadow Fall MP was a blast. But KZ2 had a special "punch": graphics, weight, artstyle, sound...

Muzikguy1502d ago

I wish I could say the same for their network

Definitely interested in this next game

iDadio1502d ago

Lets hope so, KZ had some very pretty graphics and effects for a launch game.

Still eagerly awaiting info on their new game, hope this is sooner rather than later.

Ultr1502d ago

Graphics were super awesome. I hope they upgrade on storypacing too :)

Qrphe1502d ago

It was a true next-gen-looking game and it was made on a modified PS3 engine, so I can only imagine what they can do were they to write one for scratch like Naughty Dog is doing with U4.

Special-Agent-Milo1502d ago

More Horizon concept art please!

windblowsagain1502d ago

Killzone has some very nice graphics.

Guns are too big on the screen imo and mp ui setup should be better.

bjmartynhak1502d ago

They use a narrow FOV. Similar to our vision. Maybe you are used with games with wider FOV, like COD or BF. I thing in both of these two games the characters look like "stick drawings for being so small and thin.

Really a personal thing. Just putting my view.

UI in Shadow Fall was a mess. Just got around because I'm huge fan, but I could see people having problems with it.

windblowsagain1502d ago

Yeah I prefer the higher fov.

I still enjoy the game. But yeah I would prefer the u.i to be more like BF.

Lionalliance1502d ago

Focus on the story more please!

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The story is too old to be commented.