Why I Haven’t Purchased an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 (yet)

Kevin of Paranerds writes: "Being in the video game biz (sort of, we are independent and try our best) you think owning all three monster consoles would be a given. I thought so too. Having previously purchased a Wii U (mostly because it was the best of Wii and Wii U) I sit here debating. Do I get an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4?"

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KiwiViper851453d ago

If you haven't already made your mind up, you could probably go this whole generation not owning one. You're missing out either way.

Testfire1453d ago

I haven't bought one yet either, but I really don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. What do we have so far? A couple good games on each system, a bunch of overhyped games, a bunch of sequels, more remasters. Imo, the REAL good stuff hasn't hit yet, I'm talking about the games that will define this gen. Until then, I'm good with my PS360.

darthv721453d ago

I'm not really in a hurry to buy either at the moment. i know when the time is right...those games will still be there.

They don't expire so I have no reason to rush out. I'm still enjoying the PS360 as well as picking up even older games that i never played from the 6th, 5th, 4th and older generations. much diversity when you look at the grand scope of things. Oh i will jump in to the 8th gen at some point but for now.....I'm pretty satisfied.

on a side note, just because i dont have the systems does not mean i can't still buy the games. Master Chief collection...right around the corner.

NeoGamer2321453d ago

What gaming experiences are people really missing out on?

Theparanerds1453d ago

That's exactly my point! Kudos

KiwiViper851453d ago

Missing out on being part of the most memorable console launch in history.

I've seen both consoles grow, evolve and flourish.

I've played plenty of games Day One to make up my own mind on them, most of the time disagreeing with reviews.

This launch will go down in history, and I've lived through it since Day One.

You've been on the outside looking in.

N4g_null1453d ago

So now we buy consoles to break records.... ummm what did you get out of these sales? Sounds boring to me. I mean really are you having fun Sharing games you don't like? I haven't bought a ps4 yet because of bayo2. That game is my gow fix and better. I'm rooting for blood born but it doesn't seem that responsive. I don't know. ... I guess I'll see.

NeoGamer2321453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

First, I have all the next gen consoles including the Wii U. so I am not missing out on anything...

A very large portion of the games that have shipped on next gen consoles are on the last gen consoles as well (Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Forza Horizon 2, Alien Isolation, Evil Within, TLOU, CoD Ghosts, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, BF4, Diablo III, Destiny, FIFA 15, Madden 15, UFC, Halo [Except Halo 2], Minecraft, Lego games, etc.) There are only a handful of games that u cannot play on a last gen console.

As for Indie games again a large portion are on PC... So, again, if you have a last gen console + Steam you are not missing much.

As for memorable console launches what made it so memorable? That is very subjective.

As for the consoles flourishing. I am not sure about that. What it seems more like is the PS4 is doing well while the X1 and Wii U are relegated to OK sales.

To me, this has been one of the most disappointing console generations thus far...

First, the PS4 is selling like hotcakes and really hasn't delivered much as far as new and innovative gaming is concerned...

Second, the X1 faltered out of gate in the eyes of gamers because of DRM, mandatory Kinect, and gamers who felt the console is overall inferior at the same price as PS4...

Third, the Wii U launch was a non-event, with gamers not even really taking it seriously.

Fourth there was a huge indie focus on a bunch of games that could've all easily shipped on previous generation consoles.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1453d ago

I've got a PS3 and a gaming PC.
I'm not missing out on much.
And the best part; I don't have to pay any subscription fees for online multiplayer.

JacketsNest1011453d ago

I've got a gaming laptop and a Wii U, and not missing much either. I do plan on getting a PS4 when more comes out for it though, maybe for FFXV.

MysticStrummer1453d ago

"You've been on the outside looking in"

Because nothing inside has been worth the price of admission so far, in my opinion and in the opinions of every gamer I personally know. We're all long time gamers who normally buy into a new generation as soon as possible, but so far this generation hasn't been very tempting.

herbs1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Having both a decent gaming PC and Wii U combo makes the PS4 and X1 boarderline pointless in my opinion. I will get superior 3rd party games and probably half of the X1 exclusives all for cheaper and with no additional monthly fees. I will miss out on Sony exclusives but the Nintendo exclusives are far better overall so really not missing much, except bloodborne of course >_<

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PaleMoonDeath1453d ago

I'll admit I wasn't truly missing out on anything up till now, I could've survived without my PS4, but 2015 WILL be the year to own one, BloodBorne and Uncharted, Final Fantasy and MGS5.

Dat line up.

1453d ago
JacketsNest1011453d ago

Same goes for us PC/Wii U owners. 2015 is stacked for us too. Xenoblade Chronicles X, Devils Third, Splatoon, Star Fox, Mario Maker, ZELDA. Next year may be the year of the Wii U, but it will be one of the best years for games in a long time.

bub161453d ago

Seeing as your job is writing articles based on gaming, this is not a good idea?

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